My Lovely Weekend

This weekend was nearly FUBAR, but it was salvaged.  Let me warn you... this is a l-o-n-g post.

We ended up having to purchase a new crib.  I had wanted to use the one that we already had, but too many issues were in the way (12 years old, drop side, etc.) so I began the arduous task of shopping for a new one.  We have a bit of a space issue so I wanted to get one with a changing table built in.  I did not want to pay more than $200 for one.  I know that's asking a lot, but we are not, I repeat ARE NOT, having any more children so I want to keep the costs as minimal as possible.  I found THE crib at for only $149.  However, I hum-ha'd around too long and when I finally got around to showing to the husband, it was OUT-OF-FLIPPIN'-STOCK.  Yee gads!  I nearly flipped my wig.  I searched and searched.  I couldn't find what I was looking for so I settled for one that I wasn't really happy with.  Then someone mentioned Kmart.  D'oh!  I had completely forgotten to look at Kmart.  I headed to their website on Saturday and found a crib that wasn't THE crib, but would do just fine.  It was also on sale, but for $179.  I could handle that.  I noticed that it was listed as "In Stock" at our local store so I decided that on Sunday we'd just go to the local store and put it on layaway until the one that I had already ordered from Walmart had come in and we could return it.

I was so excited walking into Kmart on Sunday!  ..........  First, I mistakenly assumed that the label on the shelf was wrong.  So then I had to track down an employee for help (who was not pleasant).  I explained to her that online this exact crib was listed at $179, not $249.  She gave me a look that indicated I was less than intelligent then informed me that it must have been on sale and the new sale bill came out that morning.  Yee gads... again!!  Then... she just walked away.  No sorry for your trouble.  No maybe I can get a manager to help you.  No kiss my ass.  Nothing.  The husband hastily ushered me from the store before my mouth exploded with words.  Guess I'll be taking the one that I'm not really happy with after all.

But wait, there's more!!

We have lived in our current abode for almost two years now.  We rent from my in-laws.  It's a great arrangement (seriously!).  Anyhoo... the previous tenant (referred to as The Idiot) left owing a significant amount of past due money.  Rent, electric, water, etc.  He also left behind an old pick up truck and the shell of a dirt track racecar.  About 3-4 months after we moved in, we phoned him and asked that he please come and get the vehicles off of the property.  He said he would.  *insert Jeopardy music*  A year later and he still had not retrieved the vehicles.  He did make ONE attempt to get them, but never followed through.  Now listen, let me explain that I live in a rural setting.  We owned 4 cars of our own (3 not operable) plus we have my mom's vehicle.  So tally that up folks... seven cars in our driveway/yard.  Uh... redneck much?  We found a man (Mr. Efficient) who would haul away all of the useless vehicles for us.  I wanted to call him my savior, but didn't want to offend anyone.  He came a few weeks ago and removed one for us.  We've spoken to several people (as have the in-laws) about the abandoned vehicles that The Idiot left behind.  Mr. Efficient came by on Saturday to see about hauling away the rest of the vehicles, spoke with us, spoke with the rightful landowners, done deal.  Sunday morning, 9AM.  He is a very efficient man as his name implies.  He arrived in our drive way at 8:55AM on Sunday morning with 3 trucks/trailers.  Goodbye old stinky vehicles!!

Fast forward a few hours.  We're out doing our shopping.  Mr. Efficient calls.  The Idiot has seen him on the road AND FOLLOWED HIM TO HIS HOUSE.  In two years, The Idiot has not one time set foot in our drive way even though we know he lives less than a mile down the road from our home.  He informed Mr. Efficient that those were his vehicles and he wanted them hauled back.  Several hours, phone calls, and Sheriff's visits later... The Idiot still doesn't have his (abandoned for two years in someone else's yard) vehicles.  Mr. Efficient told him that he would not haul them back.  He asked The Idiot if he had a way to come get them himself to which The Idiot said he did.  WTF?  If he had a way to move them, why didn't he just get them from our yard???  See why I call him The Idiot.  Now he has to drive to the next county instead of less than a mile down the road.  *sing song voice says, I-D-I-O-T*

But you know what?  It's not in my yard anymore!!!

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