Monday Shmunday

The Green River pushing it's boundaries to the limit.
What a wet, soggy weekend we've had here!  We did have a few tiny moments of sunlight, but not enough to bring anyone's spirits up.  We've had too much rain again and the threat of flooding.  Thoughts of last year's flooding comes to mind and it's just too big of a downer to make anyone feel all happy-go-lucky about having warmer weather.

No, I didn't watch the Oscar's last night.  No, I don't care a thing about Charlie Sheen's mental/drug/life problems.  No, I could care less what team Carmelo Anthony is currently being traded to, however, I would like to know why the Kentucky Wildcats CAN NOT win a stinkin' game unless they are in Rupp Arena.

I'm in serious need of some SUNSHINE here.  Real sun or virtual sun, I don't care... just send me some sun!!

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