So I was sitting around the house this morning, all by my lonesome because everyone else is still sleeping all snug in their beds, and I got to thinking.  I know it's a rare occasion when I can actually get my brain to think, but I did it.  I wondered what I was doing around this time last year.  This is one of the great things about having a blog.  You can look back at what you were doing or have done.

*I highlighted one of the many reasons why I am who I am today.
*We bought a new car!
*My desktop computer caught itself a virus.
*I finally got Muh Precious camera.  Then blogged about it here and here.
*I did a crappy video blog.
*I highlighted my favorite vampires.
*I made my own laptop bag.

I was very productive in the month of February in the year Two Thousand and Ten.  In stark contrast to last year, let's take a gander so far this month...

*Bitched, moaned, and complained about the weather.  CURSE YOU SNOW!
*Complained about high school.
*Gave props to my friend.
*Complained about Valentine's Day.
*Shared a few recipes.
*Complained about blogging stuff.
*And shared some crap.

Wow... I think I'm noticing a pattern here.

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