I love reading blogs.  There are just a few things that bug me.

I use a blog "reader".  Usually I use Feed Demon, but lately I've been using good ol' Google Reader.  There really is nothing worse than finding a blog that you love, adding it to the reader, then finding it's only a partial feed.  I understand that everyone wants STATS, but I follow/read about 170 blogs.  If I had to visit each and every one of them every day, I would never walk away from my computer.  I hate having to unsubscribe/unfollow blogs, but if you don't have your feed set to full, I have no choice.  Please, please, please change your blog feeds to full!

On Blogger it's really simple.  From the Dashboard : 1) click Settings, 2) click Site Feed, 3) click the drop down menu and select Full, 4) save.  Told you it was simple.

Then there is the dreaded, horrid.... NOREPLY-COMMENT@BLOGGER.COM.  Other bloggers have mentioned this before too, most recently I read about it on Beth's blog.  I obviously don't get very many comments, but when I do, I like to reply via email.  If Blogger would (for the love of all things holy) get with replies in the comment form, this whole thing would not be a problem.

This is another super simple fix in Blogger.  From the Dashboard: 1) click Edit Profile, 2) click the little box next to Show My Email Address, 3) if you haven't already, enter your email address where labeled, 4) save, save, SAVE.

Help your fellow bloggers out here!

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  1. I use Bloglovin' to read/keep up with my blogs so I don't have this problem. I hate hate hate it when people don't have their email linked to their blog. IT'S NOT THAT HARD!