Tuesday Tunes

This song is in one of my favorite movies, "The Skeleton Key".  I'm not sure why, but it's been circulated around my house for the past week or so.  Both the kids have been singing it and now it's stuck in my head too!

P.S. As this is posting... I'm sitting at the doctor's office! Everyone cross their fingers that we'll be getting an ultrasound today!

UPDATE:  No ultrasound today... boo.


  1. The first time I ever heard this song, it was because Manda was singing it.

    She sang it like almost all summer.

    Drove me nuts.


  2. Also...

    You don't understand this house. (or, was it respect?)

    Freaks me out.

    Pretty sure Satan's name will wind up being Papa Justify.


  3. You got it right. It's understand... she won't understand the house.

    I have considered Cecile as a name, just to let you know.