We (our family) are in desperate need of new family photos.  I made a gross error on Saturday.  I had gone outside with a rather large hoodie on, saw the sun shining down on me, and said, "It's not that chilly out here."  Then I went inside, changed clothes, grabbed the husband and said come take a few photos of me so I can update my blog.  I was very, very mistaken.  By the time I'd changed clothes, the sun was stealthily hiding behind some seriously thick clouds and the clothes I'd chosen weren't nearly as cozy as the ones I'd previously been wearing.

The reality of getting or taking photos is that half of them turn out like these.  Eyes closed, not looking, funny look on your face, etc.  Not to mention, that I was freakin' C-O-L-D!

Then your husband laughs at you for shivering because he says you have "no blood" and you do this...

And he snaps a damn picture of it.  Asshole...


  1. Oh my! It's probably just as cold in these pictures as it is outside today - too freaking cold! I totally have to be bundled up in layer after layer!