mwaaa ha ha ha ha....

Remember last week when I shared the uber awesome hair my son is now sporting?  If you missed it, click on over to take a gander at that mess.

I mentioned to him that he was going to be getting a hair cut soon and low & behold I find this little snippet on his Facebook page.  (And before you freak out that he has a Facebook page, I MONITOR what he's doing, where he's going, who he is friending, and how long he is spending on the site.)

Chris did have long hair.  That he kept pulled back nearly all the time.  I'm still not quite sure why he even let that mess grow out so long.  You see while my son was graced with my nice straight hair, my husband is probably the whitest man on the planet with an afro.  I, very unfortunately, have no photos of his crazy big hair and the only photo I could find that even came close to showcasing the pulled back ponytail was this one.

Picture taken by Studio III a gazillion years ago.

My question is this...  should I let him do what he wants with his hair?  I mean really... it's just hair, right?  Or do you think I should make him wear it the way I see fit.  What do you think?


  1. I really don't think that hair is that big of a deal. Well, in how they choose to wear their hair.

    Mine cut their hair recently and I hated it- but that was b/c they did self-haircuts.

    Anyway, I think in kid-battles, long hair on a boy isn't worth an argument.

  2. As a mom i've learned the hard way thou shalt pick their battles carefully... some things are not negotiable and some things really don't matter in the big picture of things even if I don't really like them. I'd think in those terms if it were me :) meeting you from the hop this month..join me anytime at undeserving grace

  3. Dude...

    the 'afro' comment was hilarious!

    Coming from the whitest girl to sport an afro too.

    What is it with you attracting 'fros?