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We had such a quick weekend that I'm not sure we even had one.  Basketball games, shopping, this & that, plus we did a little rearranging of our living room.  Actually, my husband and son did the rearranging while I just acted as supervisor looked on.  Our living room is laid out very uncoordinated-like.  It's hard to do anything with the room that we have.  However, while stopping by my mother-in-law's house over the weekend, my husband helped them to adjust their flat screen over their fireplace.  And it looked so good up there!  We've been contemplating doing the same thing with our TV, but I've been putting it off.  That's exactly what we did yesterday evening though and the living room has never looked better with the exception of these ginormous speakers that my husband REFUSES to get rid of and the spiderweb of cords/wires that are in desperate need of some zip ties.  Getting rid of the huge TV armoir made the most difference in the room, but now I don't know what to do with it!  It weighs a ton so moving it is a real pain since I can't help right now.

Anyhoo... moving on.  You may have noticed that I've added a new tab, Recipes.  This page gives links to recipe posts.  I've also added links to those posts with printable recipes using the awesome Google Docs.  Visiting the Project 365 tab will give you a view of thumbnails linking you to my Tumblr.  I've incorporated Disqus comments there so from now on I'll just be posting photo updates there.  Don't worry I'll let you know when I've posted new ones.  By the way, I've posted new ones!  Check 'em out!

16th week bump
I purchased my very first pair of maternity pants this weekend.  Not just my first pair for this pregnancy, but my first pair EVER.  I never bought any with either of my other children.  I had no idea what I was missing! Those jeans are so very comfortable.  Not the pants I'm wearing in this photo, but you see why I had to buy new ones?  Getting by with the elastic hair tie just wasn't working anymore.  I also found the cutest kimono dress in the juniors department that isn't "maternity", but will work great now, when I get bigger, and after the baby is born.

So what did you get accomplished this weekend?

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