Days Twenty Three & Twenty Four - Project 365

It's no surprise that I've already missed a day while doing this whole Project 365.  I completely forgot to take a photo on the 22nd.  It was a Saturday and I don't really remember what we were doing that day, but my best guess would be that I lounged around in my pajamas all day.

Day 24

Day 24 - Kaia doing her homework and crying. Crying because she couldn't go with me when I left. I told her that I wouldn't put this on the internet. It's bad that she felt the need to ask me to NOT put it on the internet isn't it?

Day 23

Day 23 - My first written announcement for the Little League. I volunteered myself for "Information Officer" on the Little League Board. I'm already asking myself, "What was I thinking??"


  1. shame on you for posting her pic when she ask you not to...BUT...I would have done the same thing to you way back

  2. kudos to you for trying the 365 days of photos!!! I'm not that organized lol!

  3. Great Blog! I am a new follower from bloggy moms!