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I don't have comment moderation turned on for all my posts.  Just the posts older than a day.  I have it turned on for those so if someone does happen to comment on a post I made a couple of days ago, I get a handy dandy email letting me know that they have so I can email them back and tell them how much I love, love, love their comment.  I have been getting lots of "Anonymous" comments lately.

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By Anonymous on My Regional Dialect Meme Video! on 1/22/11

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By Anonymous on Oh Holy Hell... I gots me an award! on 1/24/11

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By Anonymous on Days Twenty Three & Twenty Four - Project 365 at 7:37 AM

These are obviously off-topic and were written by... I don't know... a 2 year old.  Then today I get this one and nearly fell out of my chair laughing so hard.

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By Anonymous on Someone call BPS... at 2:11 PM

I removed the link from the comment.  I also cut out part of his name.  I thought it was funny how he "knew" I was going to laugh.  And he's so desperate for me to approve the comment!  "PLEASE HELP ME!!"   Hi-freakin'-larious!  This is definitely not the first "buy bigger penis pills" comment that I've received.

For now I'm going to turn on comment moderation for all posts.  It seems most of the comments are for older posts, but it's better to be safe.  Anybody else have any funny anonymous comments?


  1. Ahahahah! He was right, that was funny. :) That's honestly the only reason why I have to approve comments on my blogs - I don't do it to monitor what is said, because I approve the snarky ones, too. I just don't need that guy leaving comments, lol.

  2. I've been getting a TON of these comments. I only have moderation turned on for older posts. Blogger has been doing a decent job of catching the ones I don't want. I just don't get it though. More often than not, they make no sense. And without a link, what's the point?

  3. Yeaaah, but about these penis pills... what was that link? JUST KIDDING.

    My penis is fine, thank you.

  4. I got that same penis anonymous comment...too funny!