A Year of Me!

What's this?  Two posts in one day?  You're damn right!

I'm loosely making a few resolutions for the upcoming year.  One is that I have to stick to a low cholesterol diet that I'm supposed to be on.  I hate to call it a "diet" though.  That would imply that I was trying to lose weight.  Which I'm not.  At all.  'Cause you know, having a baby and all!  But I haven't had my levels checked in a while and I HAVE NOT been following the diet for longer than I'd care to mention.  So I guess I'm resolving to eat better.  Probably like at least half of everyone else walking the Earth...

Another goal... blog.  Blog like I mean it.  I've seen others (people, blogs, etc.) that have done photos of themselves or their environments every day of the year.  Most recently I've enjoyed seeing Alicia's Project 365.  This goal will also help me to be motivated to get out and use My Precious, which is another goal.  I mean, if I've spent that much money for a camera I should get off my ass and use it, right?

Welcome to my Project 365!

Day 1
That's me in them thar pink monster slippers.

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