Someone call BPS...

That's "Blog Protective Services" for y'all that didn't know.  I've been a horrible blog parent to this here blog lately.  I'd like to say that it's because Pop is here visiting from Florida, or that we've just been so very busy doing family stuff, but then I'd be lying to you fine people.  I mean it does have something to do with my Pop being here, but mostly it's because we've just been sitting around watching the boob tube in our pj's and being rather lazy.  There just isn't any blog fodder there.

I thought I'd give you guys some good ol' Christmas images to finish out the year with.  It was our first "white" Christmas here in 17 years!  I'm going to be taking a pause here on the old bloggeroo until the new year has graced us with it's presence.  Except maybe tomorrow I'll post about the great birthday I plan on having today!  I'm hoping for some awesomely awesome changes to the blog in the next month or so as well... until next year then!

Kaia Papaya on Christmas Eve trying to wear every clothing gift she'd received.

Definitely a "Kodak" moment.

"It's full of candy, right?"

My daughter and her mini-me.

Haven't been able to pry that DSi out of Neil's hands yet.

Here Mom, you can take the ol' broken down and busted one.

Our first official white Christmas in 17 years!

Little snow flowers.

See you in the new year!
P.S.  It's muh birffday!  I'm 21 again...  *wink*

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