8 Weeks

8 weeks

I am: 8 weeks, 1 day

Weight gain: Not much since last week...maybe 1 lb.

Belly button status: In

Cravings/Aversions:  I wanted some cheese ravioli with alfredo sauce so badly the other day, I almost went to the store in my pajamas.

Miscellanea:  I'm still crazy tired.  Still haven't really had any "morning sickness", just a couple of days of not really feeling like myself.  Plus I received my first baby purchase!  A free sling from Seven Slings. (OK, so I had to pay the S&H.)  I've never used a sling before, not sure that I'll get the hang of using this one either.
Black Magic sling - $39.00

Baby's size:  23 - 26 mm

Development:  The head is now round!  He/she now has external ears, taste buds, and non-webbed fingers and toes!

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