An Adventure in Early Pregnancy

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In keeping with my goal of being more honest and "real" on dis here blog, let me tell you a story.  A story of the crazy roller coaster that has become my innards.

While I am just barely to the 2nd month mark, I'm pretty sure I should buy stock in Metamucil or some other "stool softener" that is acceptable to take while pregnant.  I do not remember ever having this issue with my other two pregnancies.

Unfortunately, I must have eaten too much of that smörgåsbord of Thanksgiving.  I woke up Sunday morning with a horrible tummy ache.  No matter how many trips to the bathroom I made, they were all unsuccessful.  So I did what any worried, frantic person would do.  I overcompensated.  I drank a ginormous glass of eggnog, ate two helpings of salad, and waited.

Finally, finally... success.  Then I took a nap 'cause that's what pregnant chicks do when your husband has forced you to watch hours upon hours of football in one day.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some football, but OMG... I can only take so much.  I think this may have been my biggest mistake.  While I was taking a much needed little snooze,  all that lettuce and veggies mixed with that ginormous glass of eggnog was getting all brewed and stewed and fermented.  Suddenly, the throne and I were best friends.  Inseparable we were... for hours.

In the span of one day (really less than 24 hours) I went from one extreme to the next.  Now I'm trying to remind myself to drink at least one glass of 100% juice everyday to avoid this "mishap" again.  I want to know if any of my loyal readers have ever encountered this in their pregnancy (or pregnancies) and what kinds of tips or tricks worked best for you.  I'm going to open a discussion in my Blog Frog community so after leaving  your comments here, head on over to the community to put in your two cents!  If the link doesn't work for you, then visit the sidebar and click on "Join my Community".

I Did It!!!

I got my yeast to rise!  On the first try too!  I've never made my own bread before, however, my mom used to make her own bread all the time.  Loaves, rolls, etc., if it could be made, she'd do it.  This year I decided I was going to try my hand at making my own dinner rolls.

Yummy goodness!
Not to toot my own horn (TOOT TOOT!!), but they were so very, very good!  I did have a bit of trouble getting it to be less than sticky while trying to roll walnut size pieces, but Mom just pushed me outta the way and rolled 'em right up.  We did have a few that rose in the pan a bit quicker than others and resulted in this...
But that just meant more the crusty, browned goodness that is the top of the roll.  Everyone agreed that everything tastes great, but I think my biggest accomplishment was getting that yeast to rise!

7 Weeks

7 weeks

I am: 7 weeks, 1 day

Weight gain: About 3 lbs.

Belly button status: In

Cravings/Aversions: Yesterday I forgot the olives and it was like torture to not have any.

Miscellanea: Still tired, taking naps.  New prenatal vitamins aren't horse pills and haven't made me sick... yet.

Baby's size:  13 - 18 mm

Development:  Knee and ankle locations are shown as indentations, semicircular canals are beginning to form inside the inner ear, toenails are forming!

 BabyFruit Ticker

The Menu

This time of year we always make our rounds of family houses to partake in delectable Thanksgiving table spreads.  The past couple of years we've taken the plunge and cooked a wee bit o' dinner ourselves as well.

Main dish:

-TURKEY, duh!  I was going to brine my turkey this year because I've never done that, but I couldn't really find a fresh turkey to my liking.  That means all the fresh turkeys were too expensive so I copped out and bought a frozen one, but it's a Butterball!  I am going to try my hand at making pan gravy though.

Side dishes:
-Mashed potatoes, but not my usual recipe.  This one comes with half and half, cream cheese, and lots of butter!

-Green bean casserole!  I've always kind of winged it with this recipe and this morning when I went to Campbell's website to find the original, classic recipe, the server was "busy".  So I guess everyone else was also waiting until the last moment to find that recipe.  Oops!  However, I remembered that I had seen the recipe in the Nov. 29th Family Circle magazine!
-Homemade dinner rolls.  Never worked with yeast before, but better late than never right?  
I've never been a fan of pumpkin pie, although my mom tells me I loved it as a kid, so I found this great recipe for pumpkin muffins.

It's a basic menu, but there are only going to be 3 adults and 2 kids eating so it's best to keep it as simple as possible.  What kinds of goodies are you brewing up for this Thanksgiving holiday?

P.S. Thanks be to the great one, The Pioneer Woman, for her easy and delicious looking recipes.

*All images link back to source site.

Bieber Wins, Ruins Music World

I was completely blown away that Justin Bieber would win for "Artist of the Year" at the American Music Awards last night.  Really?  Seriously?  Ewwwww....

He may have made history by being the youngest person ever to win ('cause he's like 12), in my opinion, it's a slap in the face to those artists who were also nominated for this award like Lady Gaga and Eminem.

However there were a few high points in the show...

Obviously, Taylor Swift was made for bangs and straight hair.  Absolutely beautiful!!

Kesha is such a train wreck, but I love her for it.  Her performance was crazy bizarre and wonderful all at the same time.

Pink was rockin' as always, even for a pregnant lady... she's hot.  Though I'm still not really sure what was going on with her hair.  It reminded me of my grandmother.

Miley Cyrus' performance renewed my hope that she can move past the Disney Channel.

But the best part of the ENTIRE night would have to have been seeing New Kids on The Block performing again.  Yea, yea, I know that the Backstreet Boys were with them too, but who freakin' cares!  All of these guys are HOT, HOT, HOT!

What was your take on this year's American Music Awards?

6 Weeks

I came across a new blog this week, Mama's Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird, and I loved the format of her weekly updates!  She also turned me on to a great site that I hadn't heard of before called The Visible Embryo.  They give detailed info on what is going on with my baby's development.

This is week 6 so...

I am: 6 weeks, 1 day

Weight gain: Not quite sure yet, haven't been to dr.

Belly button status: In

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing.

Miscellanea: I'm already tired.

Baby's size:  10 - 13 mm

Development:  The heart is now forming chambers!

 BabyFruit Ticker


Yesterday afternoon my daughter pulled me into her bedroom and said, "Mom, I need to tell you something."   I sat down with her on her bed and she began telling me how she found out at lunch that her "boyfriend" had another "girlfriend" in another class.  She was devastated.  Heartbroken.  She cried.  I comforted her.  Told her all the things a mother should say.  Things like he isn't good enough for you, you can find another boyfriend...  YOU'RE ONLY 9 YEARS OLD!  You know, things like that.

You can judge me if you want to, but I've read her journal.  She thought she really loved this poor little misguided boy.  I feel so bad for her, but I'm at a real loss for what to do or say.  I think I said all the right things.  By the time we were done, she was smiling so I think it went ok.  When she told her Daddy about it, he joking asked if she wanted him to go beat him up.  She said, very straight faced, that she was going to have her brother take care of it.

And so it begins....

In other news, my son had to have some dental work done yesterday.  I was a little scared for him.  A couple of summers ago, he had run face first into a tree while we were on vacation in Georgia.  The dentist repaired his broken teeth beautifully.  Right before their Fall Break from school in October he took a dodgeball to the face and broke one of the previously broken toofers.  All together he had to have that tooth fixed, a cavity filled, and one tooth pulled to make room for another that is coming in... in the wrong place.

He had asked me if it would hurt.  I couldn't lie to him.  Just like when he asked me about Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny.  I just could not lie.  I told him that the dentist would give him some shots and yes those would probably hurt, but then his mouth would be numb and it wouldn't hurt.

He nearly broke my hand while getting those shots, but I was so proud of him because he didn't make a  sound while getting any of his work done.  He did make a small peep at the end when his tooth was getting pulled, but I think it was more out of surprise than anything else.  He didn't even ask for any pain relief later on in the evening when the anesthetic had worn off.  My little big man.

I am not prepared for my babies to be not babies anymore.  And HOLY SHIT I'm about to have another baby and do this... All. Over. Again!  Someone should send supplies!  Like Xanex, coffee, and a shot gun.

One Tree at a Time

I found a website that I am so very excited to share.  Mach's Green is a site that will plant a tree for your blog.  Well, not for my blog, but for me.  And my children.  And my children's children.  And to make my blogging carbon neutral!

The site is in German, but if (like me) you use Google's Chrome browser, it will automatically ask if you would like to translate the page to English (or your language of choice!).  It is all very basic and straightforward.

To join, just write a post about what they are doing (share the love!), add one of their buttons, then email a link to that post to  That easy, that simple.  Once they get your email, they will plant a tree for you!  You can find more information about how to join and HTML code for buttons here.  It will take you 10 minutes and save so much!

Tuesday Tunes

My son has been on a music video kick lately.  He loves sitting down to watch videos from when my husband and I were growing up.  Last night, as we were cruising through our music history, we came upon Limp Bizkit.  I love these guys.

Most Hilarious Video You Will See All Week

This poor drunk kid decided that Subway was where he was going to get "nuclear".  I have to warn you that the video does contain "graphic language" so it's NSFW (or little ears), but really just mute your speakers because you won't necessarily need the sound to understand how funny this is.  Sadly he is a pre-med student at our local university.  Maybe we should start doing background checks for our doctors...

You can find a copy of the police report here if you feel so inclined. Oooo... almost forgot to mention that he gets tasered at the end.

Where'd She Go?

I know that I dropped a bomb on y'all then kind of abandoned the blog for the rest of the week.  Please accept my apologies.  I've been being a good mom by volunteering at my kids school for the Fall edition of their Scholastic Book Fair.  It's not really hard work, but it's definitely time consuming and will tire you out!  Grandparent's Day always has a big turn out and the last day of sales (Thursday) has kids visiting the library up until mere seconds before the bell rings.  It's fun, exciting, and gratifying to see so many kids be so excited to get books.

I decided to add a page to do some photo updates of my quickly growing belly.  I wasn't such a camera clicking crazy person when my first children were born so I didn't take nearly as many photos of them as I wish that I had or any photos of all of myself during the pregnancy.  I mentioned the quickness of the growing belly.  I'll freely admit that even before I knew there was a reason for my belly to look pregnant, it looked pregnant.  I often wondered how long I could pawn off my little belly inner tube on the kids, who are 9 and 11.  I am just 5 weeks along and already the pants are uncomfortable when buttoned.  I'm freakin' out.  Obviously, we're on a budget and I can't possibly run out and buy tons of maternity clothes.  Did anyone else (who has had multiple kids) notice that you began to grow sooner than with your previous pregnancies?  I honestly don't even know where to buy maternity clothes where I won't look frumpy and still get the most for my money.  Anyone have any suggestions??  Stores, types of clothing, online shops?

Did I mention how big of a surprise this was?  We have a crib.  That's it.  Things have changed so much in the past 9 years that I really don't even know where to begin with gadgets for this baby.  So again, I'm going to ask for some advice from you, my dear readers.  Give me some recommendations for all things baby!!
I've been missing Nelly's southern drawl... glad to have him back in the music scene.

Four Peas in this Pod + 1

Did anyone guess the announcement?  

We're having another baby!

This was a huge surprise.  A seriously huge surprise.  I did stop taking birth control a little over a year ago, but I've been keeping tabs on ovulation and cycles.  I felt it was time to stop taking them since I'd been on them since Kaia was born in 2001.  The risk of cancers increases the longer you take birth control pills and with a history of cancers in my family, I didn't want to take any unneeded chances with fate.

I checked with the insurance company to find a midwife in my area.  This morning I call to make an appointment, get through all the information, only to find out she doesn't do pre-natal care anymore.  I asked if they could recommend another midwife in the area and she said she didn't know of any.  Great...  I had to fall back on the crazy busy OB/GYN whose receptionist was sweet, nice, and kind.  Guess that's what I was meant to do in the first place.  My first appointment isn't until the 22nd though.

I phoned the local health department to schedule an appointment for a test and to apply for WIC.  I used WIC with both of my other children and it was so helpful.  They were pleasant and polite.  That appointment is on Wednesday.

Then I made the mistake of calling the Cabinet for Families and Health Services.  Is it a requirement to be as big a bitch as you can possibly be to work for these people?  Right off the bat, she was very uninterested in even answering the damn phone.  In the most monotone voice available... "This is Tabitha.  How can I help you."  I smiled because I've been told that if you smile while talking on the phone you sound kind, then said I needed to make an appointment.  She went through the routine of asking my name, social, blah, blah, blah... Then asked what my income was.  When I told her that I did not have one, but my husband did, I audibly heard her sigh then say, with a bad attitude, that she was going to need his pay stubs for the entire month of September and October.  I told her that my husband doesn't get a paper pay stub because his employer had gone green.  She again sighed loudly then informed me that I had to produce something, she would not take a bank statement because that doesn't show gross income, that she would not take a monthly summary either, she has to have copies of every single paycheck.  Then she informs me that I have to have a statement from someone who is not related to me showing that I wasn't employed and had no income, plus a statement from my mother-in-law stating how much we pay in rent monthly.  I'm not proud to say I was considering applying for food assistance from the government, but as she was the most unpleasant, rude, aggravating person, I am proud to say that I won't be doing so now.  It's already testing of ones pride to ask for assistance, but to be treated so poorly in just the first phone call, was not necessary.  Every little bit helps, but I won't subject myself to being treated that way.  So screw you Little Miss Tabitha from the Kentucky Cabinet for Families and Health Services, you are a bitch.  I hope you get a UTI.

So yay for our family!  We're having another baby!!

A Positive Attitude

I have an announcement coming soon!!  Just waiting on a few details here and there.  I can't wait to share it with you!!
I'm so excited!

Happy Holidays!

I know it's barely November, but I've already starting thinking about Christmas cards.  It's been awhile since I sent any out.  I always end up waiting too long and then just give up and don't send them.

This year will be different.  This year I've found the perfect greeting cards.  Tiffany Ard has an Etsy shop called OMGSeriously where she makes the best ever Christmas cards.  None of that fancy, schmancy horse shit about happy feelings and loving one another and blah, blah, blah, blah....

I love 'em!  You must visit her shop and stock up.  I mean there are only like 50+ odd days left until Christmas.

This is fair warning for everyone on my card list... don't let your kids open my Christmas card.

Ahhh... the smell of a good book

I've been so lacking in the blogging world lately.  Mostly I've just been drawing a blank.  Then it dawned on me while I was being accosted by 20 elementary school students at a time during the annual Fall Book Fair, Gigi at Kludgymom has the Idea Bank!  Such a life saver and I'm so glad that she came up with the idea for well, the Idea Bank.  Since I spent all day yesterday hanging out at the library with all those school kids, this idea/topic nearly jumped off the page at me.

Last week Kaia came to me because she just had to know how tall an orangutan grew to be.  I had already turned the computer off and didn't want to boot it up for one question.  She was nearly frantic because she JUSTHADTOFINDTHISOUTBEFORESCHOOLTOMORROW.  I looked at her, shook my head, then said, "Let me show you something of legend.  It's called an en-cy-clo-PEdia.  It's a book with pages and words and pictures and information about stuff.  All kinds of stuff.  Big stuff, little stuff, orangutan stuff."  Now granted, these encyclopedias are 19 years old, but it was still easy enough to find out how tall an orangutan can be.  The internet makes it way too easy for these kids.  With just a few clicks here and there, and little work on their part, they have all the information they need.  I can see that it may be helpful, but I still feel like they are missing out.

I can remember searching through those volumes for various things that I can no longer remember, but while I might not remember the subject of my searches, I remember the searching.  I loved the smell of those pages.  I caught myself smelling the pages of books at the Book Fair.  There really is nothing like sitting down with a good book and finding yourself submerged in another world.

I've found over the last week or so that I've been spending less and less time glued to my computer.  I've also found that I haven't been missing it as much as I thought I would.  I have been missing reading my favorite blogs though.  I'm still trying to find a happy medium with my online and offline time.  I've just come to realize I've been the one missing out.

Tuesday Tunes

I haven't been blogging much lately it seems.  I haven't been reading as many blogs either and I apologize.  I've been attempting to be more active in my lifestyle.  I've been walking everyday and trying to get into some sort of routine.  I think I spend way too much time in a day with my fingers on a keyboard and my butt in a chair.  I've been neglecting my blog (and yours!) and I'm still trying to find the correct balance.

For now enjoy some Tuesday tunage!  I love walking to this song!  It gets me motivated and moving.