My View on Talking

I feel like I've been rather M.I.A. this week.  I haven't spent any time online and must be so far behind in my FeedDemon that it will laugh at me when I finally do get around to trying to get caught up with all of your blog posts!

I did want to take a break in my day of rearranging furniture and giving the kids their own bedrooms (finally) to talk about "The Talk"!  It's a new talk show that just made it's debut on CBS this week.  I am so very excited about it.  I know it seems to be an obvious knock-off of that other all woman talk show on another network, but I love this one soooo very much!

The key ingredient in my new love affair with this show is the lack of Elizabitchbeth Hasslebeck.  The only times that I have watched "the other show" was when she was gone for maternity leave.  Just her voice can send me into convulsions.

However, the new show has SHARON FREAKIN' OSBORNE, plus a few other handy dandy hostesses with the mostesses like Sara Gilbert and Leah Remini.

Watch them take the stage for the first time...

So have you watched yet? Do you plan to? What do you think? A keeper or a dud?

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  1. I watched the first episode of the talk and I really enjoyed it!!