I'm in love.

I'm in love. I'll admit it.  In love with this Fall weather!  Because of this I've kind of been missing from the blog and the internet in general.  I didn't even do a Friday Flip-offs post!  I didn't really have anything to flip off this week.  The trash man actually came on the correct day and ON TIME!  Do you think that ass hole might have read my blog?

Check out all that I've been doing with my Fall self...

Hobby Lobby was having a sale on their Fall decorations so I got nearly all this stuff for half off!

I have a real problem with those horrid light fixtures, but there isn't much I can do about them so I decorated them with candle rings.  The glass owl was among some of my mom's stuff that I snooped through and claimed for myself.  The corn... it's real corn.  Neil-age brought it over from the harvest corn field.  Since the fireplace is a non-working one I had to do something to fill up that space.  The mirror is an old antique one that had been my mom's as well.  I bought some cinnamon spice potpourri to put in the glassware and I can't smell that shit for anything.  I thought it was because I had gotten used to it, but no.  It just doesn't smell.  The plan for the "B"'s is that eventually I want to have lots of different sizes, patterns, and shapes on the wall above the mantel.  I've just not done it yet.  I'm thinking of grabbing a couple of baskets for the magazines on the hearth.  What'd ya think?

It was seriously chilly here today.  Sixty two was the high, 38F is the low.  Brrrr... can we say hot cocoa weather?  When the sun was actually shining Kaia Papaya and I went outside.  I've noticed in the last couple of years that the Oak trees haven't been producing as many acorns, but this year our Oak tree has tons of them.  The squirrels will have a very stocked up Winter.  She suggested we cram as many of them in our pockets as we could fit, then gathered up some pine cones and pine sprigs.  She wanted to put them in a bowl on our table.

I threw in some little fake apples for color, but I thought she did a pretty good job.  I imagine the pine sprigs will be brown in a couple of days, but that's ok.  I've got a huge tree outside I can steal more from.  We brought in a couple of bugs too, but we collected them and took them back outside.

Speaking of bugs...

Kaia Papaya brought in a wooly worm on Saturday morning!  I was surprised that she was actually touching an insect, but I hid it because I didn't want her to drop that shit in the living room floor!  I actually learned lots of stuff about wooly worms.  They are actually Isabella Tiger moths!  You can "raise" one by capturing it in October and doing a few things to make it cozy through the Winter.  Who doesn't know that you can predict the coming Winter weather by the color of the brown band on a wooly worm?  According to our wooly worm find, we should have a mild one.

What cool Fall finds have you come upon?

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