Communing with the Gods

Four days of no internet.  Two days with no cell phone.  It was actually nice to get away.

We did eventually have to find our way to Harrisburg because they have a Wal-Mart there.  And it's the most awesome Wal-Mart ever freakin' made!  The aisles are wide, the product was displayed on nice eye level shelving, and THEY SELL LIQUOR!  Not just beer, but an aisle of wine (not in boxes) and fifths of anything from Crown to Captain.  I was in awe.  Never, ever, ever, thought I'd see a Wally World that sold liquor.

We had to get a new air mattress because on night one we found out that ours apparently has a leak in it.  By the time we decided to get up, we were laying on the ground.  This is where we also purchased our very first GPS unit.  We opted for the inexpensive Garmin nĂ¼vi 1100.  I was all kinds of excited.  Like a kid at Christmas with a new toy.  I started pushing this and touching that and got it all set up and ready to navigate us back to our campsite.

Then that stooopid GPS lady told us to turn down this gravel road...

As gravel roads go, this one isn't that bad.  We thought this would just be a "cut through" to the main road that we weren't aware of.  We couldn't have been more wrong.  After this road, that same stupid ass GPS lady said turn right onto Derby Road.

This is Derby Road.  I would have called it more of a Derby path, but she said it was a damn road.  This is the "good" end of the path.  About half a mile after I took this photo, it turned into something only a Jeep with a 3 inch lift kit should be driving on.  Seriously.  I was too preoccupied with the fact that my 2008 Kia Spectra5 was nearly stuck in a mini-ravine with only two tires touching the Earth to remember to photograph the hilarity.

It was worth all the cussing and fussing for these views and some time to just relax...

And a real life, honest to goodness telephone booth!  I tried to get Chris to stop here on the last trip, but he was in too big of a hurry to get home.  He humored me this time around though and I was shocked to discover there was actually a pay phone in the booth.  Even more shocked to realize it was a working pay phone!  So I called up Bill & Ted...

Tomorrow's post will be brought to you by Kaia and Neil, who discovered the video function on my point & shoot Kodak.

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