A Journey through Hair

It's been long.  

It's been short.

It's been pink.

With the exception of the short 'do (which was cut by a friends' sister), I haven't been to a hair dresser since I got my hair done for prom.  About 14 years ago...  

My husband has been my hair stylist all this time and I have to say that he's gotten pretty good at it.  Friday I decided to make a spur of moment venture into MasterCuts at the mall.  That was an adventure that I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN.  I ended up sitting there for almost 3 hours, couldn't go pick up Neil when the school called and said he was sick, then was almost late picking up Kaia!  That's not what really got me though...  it was the $105 price tag that nearly gave me a heart attack.  She'd already done my hair so what was I supposed to say?  Undo the cut and color?  Yea, not going to happen so I grudgingly handed over my debit card.  I have yet to tell my husband the exact amount of getting my hair done by a "professional".  The quotes around professional are due to the hair coloring that I had to scrap off of my ear, forehead, and neck with a wire brush after I got home.  I guess I deserved a day of hair pampering after not having it done in 14 years...

A little blonde, a little red, and some dark brown.  I do like it, but jeez... I'll never do that again!  What kind of hair adventures have you been on?

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