Her Sarcophagus

Kitchen experiments #10Image by mickiky via Flickr
Last night I'm laying down with my extra speshul Kaia Papaya.  She always cracks me up with the things she says.  When it's time for bed I inevitably lay down with her and then she talks to me about this, that, and any thing else she can find to talk about that keeps her from having to actually go to sleep.

Kaia: Hey Mom.  Can I ask you a question?

Me:  Of course, what?

Kaia:  What is this thing called?  (She points to her throat.)

Me:  Your neck?

Kaia:  No, that thing where you swallow.

Me:  Oh, that's your esophagus.

Kaia:  Yea, that thing.  Well, my sarcophagus feels weird.  It has all these ridges in it.

Me:  Those are called bones... wait, what did you say?

Kaia:  My sarcophagus has ridges in it!

Me:  Your sarcophagus?

Kaia:  .... *giggle* *full on laugh*  NO!  I meant my... sar... esophagus!

Me:  Oh good, 'cause for a minute there I thought you were telling me that your coffin had ridges.

Kaia:  MOM! I'm not a vampire!

P.S. The image has nothing to do with the post. I just thought it was cute!

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