Au Revoir Mr. Curtis

As soon as I saw the announcement that Tony Curtis had passed away I immediately thought of a post that Julia at Hooked on Houses had done back in October.  It highlighted he and Janet Leigh's Palm Springs home, which at the time was for sale for a cool $1.295 million clams.

I'm not sure why his digs from the 50's/60's was the first thing that came to my mind...

Possibly because the houses features really stuck with me.  I don't know.  Visit Julia's post here to see more images of this fabulous house.  (And many others too!)

Of course, my thoughts are with his family and friends.


  1. Sad that he is gone. But that house? so cool. Love that time period and the crisp lines.

  2. House? I don't see a house, so much as a couple walls. Gotta click the link to check this out!