Tasty Tuesdays: Banana Bread

Happy Tuesday!!

Last weekend Kaia Papaya's Girl Scout troop had a big yard and bake sale to raise money to attend a shin-dig in Louisville.  I decided I was seriously too lazy to go through all the stuff I know I need to have a yard sale and sell so I made banana bread.  It's so super easy to make and everyone in the house loves it.  I ended up making 6 loaves of the stuff.  I don't even have to look at the recipe anymore!

I don't have a fancy shmancy mixer (not for lack of really, really wanting one) so this recipe is convenient because you don't have to have one!  I made all 6 loaves just using that indispensable wooden spoon you see in the photo.

Easy peasy chicken greasy!  Ok, so maybe leave out the chicken grease...
Print away!
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P.S. Her philly cheesesteak recipe got great reviews at our house last night!

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