So this weekend was fairly uneventful.  And I'm not complaining!  On Saturday morning we all headed out to do a family fishing day, but we barely got 10 miles down the road when I started to feel a bit nauseous so the greatest husband ever brought me back home and the greatest son ever stayed home with me.  He and I enjoyed a day of laziness sitting on the couch vegging out to movies like Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Never Back Down.  I even snuck in a bit of a nap.  WHAT?!  A nap??  I knowww.  I never, ever do that.  We also found this poor creature outside in the grass...

I called it "the big ol' bug", but it was actually a cicada.  I found a stick and was able to get the little guy to grab onto it long enough to snap a picture or two.  Neil-age told me that even though he was a guy he really didn't want to hold the stick so I could take the photo.  He did it anyway.  Then we put him in one of our Dogwood trees.  I guess he'll live to chatter another day.

Chris sent me a text to tell me that Kaia Papaya had caught her very first catfish!  I felt even worse for not being there to capture the moment on film, but when they got back home she was happy to tell me all about it and pose for some photos.

All together it was a very relaxing weekend.  Now I guess it's back to the daily grind!

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