It's July!

Can you believe it?  We are half way through this year already!  Wow... time flies.

Speaking of time flying... my baby, my sweet, sweet pain in the neck is going to being turning 9 years old in 24 days.

She may only be turning 9, but it feels more like 19.  She already has the eye roll down to a science.  Talking back?  She's perfected it.  Boys?  They no longer have "cooties".  She's got the biggest crush on a little boy from school.  I'm just thankful she's too embarrassed to tell him and that he's in the same grade that she's in!

I'm just not prepared for this.  Where has my baby girl gone?  She doesn't like to wear dresses anymore and very nearly won't wear pink.  Getting her to put on the dress in this photo took me a solid half an hour.  When I was done taking some shots, she was out of that thing faster than I could blink.

I guess it's appropriate for the upcoming Independence Day that she is becoming so independent herself.

On another note...

My dad is coming for a visit!  I wasn't able to convince him to fly up so he will be driving the near 1,000 miles from southern Florida to the Bluegrass.  I worry when he drives so far, but he says it's the only way he wants to travel.  He'll be here on Sunday.

So I guess that means I really should get off my bum and start cleaning on this nasty house!

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

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