Friday Flip Offs - July 16th Edition

Brought to you by Gigi @ Kludgy Mom
This is my 2nd "Friday Flip-offs".  I missed last week because I was having a bit of a vacation.  I'm happy to be returning this week.

To our dog that is normally an inside dog... why couldn't you just stay on your chain in your nice shady spot with your nice big pot of water and food?  By wriggling loose from your collar last week, you have somehow acquired a huge, nasty, infected gash on your neck.  The bill that I expect will come from taking you to the vet is more than we can afford right now.  But I will do whatever is necessary for your stubborn behind...

To the kid with the mohawk... would it have killed you to maybe NOT continually grab the bottom portion of my bathing suit every single time you jumped into the pool within inches of my head?  This is actually from last week, but it still bugs me.

To BP... this should be self explanatory.

To my brother... what is wrong with you?  What is the attraction of jail to you?  I am so disappointed.

To Mother Earth...  I understand that you are suffering through a lot of crap, especially right now, but jeezy louisey, it's too stinkin' hot!

To the trash man...  Am I seriously asking too much to have you place the empty canister upright where you found it?  I just don't understand why you have to dump the bin over after you've emptied it.

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  1. I know it's not funny, but I had to laugh about your brother and jail. Mine has been there quite a bit as well. Thankfully he has kind of cooled it on his visits!!! I think I would have dunked the mohawk kid, seriously! Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm lucky sometimes if my garbage man brings all the garbage with him. I often find boxes, bags or paper left behind.

  3. Glad you're back this week! So, mohawk kid. Where was his parent? telling him not to grab ladies' swimsuit bottoms? What the hell?

    Sorry to hear about your brother. That is tough.

  4. Nice flip had me cracking up. Thanks for the laugh!!

  5. Yikes on the mohawk kiddo! I love your jeezy louisey hahahaha. Great flips! Hope you will have a great weeekend.