Weekend Love! - Part 2

We don't do to much outside of the house.  We're just homebodies.  My husbands friends consist mainly of a few of his co-workers.  My friends are a few people that I've known for years.

Recently we got a call that an old friend of ours was moving back to Kentucky after being in Florida for about 14 years.  He said that his area of Florida was just not a good place to raise his children.  Too many bad people doing bad things.  Neither of his children had ever been out of Florida.  We visited them back in 2003.  It was a brief visit as we were just stopping by on our way home from visiting my family.

They've been here for a couple of weeks now.  We've been able to hang out a couple of times.  My husband is so happy to have an old friend back.  He wouldn't admit to it, but he is.  On Sunday, we went to Barren River Lake to do a little fishing and hanging out.  It was a blast... even if they only caught 2 catfish.

The hubs and I cheesing.

Neil taking it easy.

Anthony showing me his minnow.

Kaia-Papaya showing me hers.

Pretending to eat it...

Ugh... that's just gross....  =)

The hubs, Neil-age, and Mark

I call them... Bevis and Butthead

I swear that this chair was trying to kill me.

Jo, Mark's wifey, and I plus Anthony attempting to hide behind a plastic snake.

Beautiful sunset on the lake.

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