Takin' It Easy

Memorial Day Weekend 2010
The kids last day of school was appropriately placed right before the Memorial Day holiday weekend, the unofficial start of Summer.  Time for a restart.

My husband reminded me that life is about living.  I have a tendency to take too much to heart and let it linger there.  Before I realize it, I'm sulking and depressed.  He surprised me by having an impromptu get together/cookout!  He was all sneaky, sneaky and invited some friends we haven't seen in a while.  Having them come by really brought my spirits up. We live so far away from everyone we usually end up staying at home and not getting out much.

I throughly enjoyed it.  This whole weekend has been a welcome wake up for me.  I'm definitely going to be spending more time living.  And now is the perfect time for getting out!  Kids on vacation, summer time is here!

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