I Must Apologize

I feel that I need to send out some apologies to the readers of this blog.  And to the women of the SITS community.  I haven't been able to blog this week or to get 'out and about' so to speak to visit blogs. 

My kids have been out of school this week due to the flood conditions in our county.  The Green River (at Woodbury) finally crested around 3PM yesterday afternoon at a height of 49.52 ft.  We still can not access the high school as the road is still flooded.  I've been trying to keep the kids occupied these past few days.  Now I just worry that they will never get out of school for a summer break.

I should not complain.  In all my life, I've never seen so much water in places where I've never seen water stand before.  For our lack of being able to attend school, we are much better off in comparison to those people in Tennessee.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of people are still out of their homes or will return to homes that are ruined.  Lives have been lost. 

Just take a moment to look around you and remember to not take things for granted.

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  1. I'm sorry for what you are experiencing.

    2 years ago today out city, Cedar Rapids IA was hit by record flood levels.

    I hear your pain and empathize.

    hang in there.