Water Works

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My gosh has it ever been HOT around here lately.  I think the average highs for our area should be in the 60's, but it's been in the mid to high 80's. 

I know that it is only April, but I've been eyeing the swimming pool quite a lot lately.  Wondering to myself if it's just too early to go ahead and put it up.  I haven't yet cranked up the AC and I usually try to wait just as long as I possibly can until I do turn it on.  The electric bill is awesomely small when not using the AC.
Not long after the family got home, from school and work, did everyone shed their jeans and break out some shorts.  I pulled out the water hose to water the outdoor flower beds (that still haven't produced any flowers) and the potted plants that I pulled outside earlier this week.  I don't think I had finished watering the first bed when I noticed the kids had magically found shorts and swim suits and were patiently waiting for me to spray them.

I think they are a bit old for the decade old fire hydrant sprinkler, but they still love it.  So we cranked up the summer fun (WHAT?!? It's still Spring!!) with some good old fashion sprinkler play.  Oh how I can't wait for Summer vacation!  Just 43 more days to go!

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