Sports Overload

I'm coming at 'cha this Monday with about a gazillion photos of our first sports weekend.  Thank goodness this is likely to be the only weekend where we are running around like mad.  We had to get up super early for a Saturday morning, 6:15am.  The kids actually got up without too much fussing.  A miracle unto itself.  We were successful in getting up, getting ready, eating breakfast, and being semi-on time to the caravan of peoples heading to the soccer fields.  Which turns out to be in a town about 45 minutes away from our town.  The couple who said they new exactly were we were going turns out didn't know exactly where we were going and drove us around downtown Owensboro for about 30 minutes which in turn made us about 10 minutes late for the game.  Oh it was worlds of fun!  <---*sarcasm*  The soccer game went well.  They did lose, but only by one point and there are 4 girls on the team who have never played soccer before.  Kaia came oh so close to making a goal!  She only missed it by about 5 inches.  I was proud of her effort.  Final score was 5-6.

After the soccer game, we got a little lunch then headed back to our 'home' park.  Neil's baseball team had individual and team pictures a little after noon.  Then immediately following that was the Opening Day ceremonies for Little League.  There is a new president this year and he is making great strides in the Little League program.  Axle, the Bowling Green Hot Rods mascot, even came out for the festivities.  Neil's team had the first game of the season this year.  He's playing a new position, short stop, and he did fairly well.   He got walked his first at bat and got a pop fly hit on his second.  They are going to have to work more on their fielding.  That was the single issue I could see that kept them from winning the game.  Final score was 4-12.  It sounds a lot worse than it was.

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