Ok, so I didn't exactly fall off the face of the Earth, but I haven't really had anything "blogworthy" to write about!  The weather around here has been beautiful lately that I've just been soaking in as much as I could.  Spring sports have started too.  Kaia is playing soccer this year (and I'm clueless...).  Neil is doing baseball again.  They both had practice on Tuesday; his at 4PM, hers at 5:30PM.  As soon as he got off the bus, he had to change so we could run out the door for baseball practice, then I had to leave him there so I could go pick her up from her Girl Scout meeting and get her back to the park for her soccer practice.  Shoo... how did I become the soccer/baseball/scout running mom?  I mean, when did this happen??
We bought a new lawn mower and it's awesome.  It's not the zero-turn we pine for, but it'll do.  I finally got some flower seeds and bulbs in the ground.  I thought it interesting that I finally managed to get the time and gumption to plant them and realized it was the first day of April.  I bought the seeds and bulbs about 2 weeks ago and was really just sitting on my hands trying not to plant them too early.
Yesterday we mowed again.  You have to understand that our yard has the most awesome grass EVER.  But it has to be mowed every 4-5 days.  And that really depends on how much or how little rain we receive.  While I mowed, he ran the weed-eater then cleaned out our garage!  I pulled out all the wind chimes and whirly gigs to hang up, then we moved out all the lawn furniture.
This morning... I could barely move!  I'm so out of shape and not ready for lawn care season!  Or Spring sports season either!!


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