Count Me In

I have to complain.  It's ridiculous.  A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from the 2010 Census Bureau stating that I would soon be getting my census form.  I thought that was a little redundant.  Why send out a letter saying that I was going to be getting yet another letter in the mail soon?  It seemed like a waste of money to me.  A huge waste of government money especially since our government is still facing a huge deficit! 

I got my census form in the mail a few days later.  Promptly filled it out and placed it back in the mailbox the very next day.  Simple, easy, quick, done.  With the threatening bold print telling me that I was REQUIRED BY LAW TO FILL OUT the form, I felt like the sheriff would be banging on my door if I didn't get it turned it ASAP.

Fast forward a week, to yesterday... I got yet another piece of mail from the 2010 Census Bureau.  This time it was a post card.  A reminder that if I had not yet filled out my census form I needed to do so.  Of course, the strongly worded threat of the form being REQUIRED BY LAW was plastered all over it.  Yet more proof of wasted money!!

How many forms or letters have you received?

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