New, new, new!

My mom can crochet like Speedy Gonzales.  I've seen afghans grow right before my eyes.  Her crochet skills scare me.  I don't even know how to hold a pair of crocheting needles, much less actually make something with them.

She made me a cute beanie cap that I love!  She'd made several others and we decided that she should sell them!  So here's an exclusive look at some of the caps she's already made.  Check out the Etsy shop!


  1. Okay, if you are gonna be a head model, you better learn to work it, girl! (two snaps in a z formation!)

    Your ma is uber-talented with some crocheting.

    She got mad skillz....

  2. thank you for the least it keeps me occupied and I enjoy coming up with new ideas....and no two people will have exactly the same item