I Discovered I’m Creative

I did it!  I did it!  I made myself a laptop sleeve/bag.  All by myself without a pattern.  In one day!  I'm stoked.  I'm even thinking that I might make some to sell on Etsy.  I'll have to make a few tweaks, but I'm excited about what I accomplished.

I got all my supplies ready.

Cut out a very rough rectangle.

Sewed both sides together.

Now for the padded strap.

I even put a little pocket inside!

Just some of my handy stitch work.

Buttons.  Next time I’ll go for Velcro.

And TADA!!

With my laptop inside…

Kaia was gracious enough to model for me.

I think the next time I’ll try using Velcro for the closure or a zipper.  Buttons just require too much work, but this was my first time putting buttons on something.  I finally got to use the “button holer” on my sewing machine.  There is really so much I could do to change it up.  I’ll have to just experiment.

 Hint: For a larger view, just click the images.

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