New, new, new!

My mom can crochet like Speedy Gonzales.  I've seen afghans grow right before my eyes.  Her crochet skills scare me.  I don't even know how to hold a pair of crocheting needles, much less actually make something with them.

She made me a cute beanie cap that I love!  She'd made several others and we decided that she should sell them!  So here's an exclusive look at some of the caps she's already made.  Check out the Etsy shop!

Vlog 2.25

I Discovered I’m Creative

I did it!  I did it!  I made myself a laptop sleeve/bag.  All by myself without a pattern.  In one day!  I'm stoked.  I'm even thinking that I might make some to sell on Etsy.  I'll have to make a few tweaks, but I'm excited about what I accomplished.

I got all my supplies ready.

Cut out a very rough rectangle.

Sewed both sides together.

Now for the padded strap.

I even put a little pocket inside!

Just some of my handy stitch work.

Buttons.  Next time I’ll go for Velcro.

And TADA!!

With my laptop inside…

Kaia was gracious enough to model for me.

I think the next time I’ll try using Velcro for the closure or a zipper.  Buttons just require too much work, but this was my first time putting buttons on something.  I finally got to use the “button holer” on my sewing machine.  There is really so much I could do to change it up.  I’ll have to just experiment.

 Hint: For a larger view, just click the images.

Vlog 2.22

Yes, Please!

I decided to do another "Yes, Please!!" after realizing that Ian Somerhalder was in "Lost".  I've just starting watching the first season so don't leave any spoilers in the comments.... please?!  But this post isn't about "Lost", it's about vampires.  What is it about those undead beings that seems so attractive?  Here are a few reasons...

Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) Salvatore of "The Vampire Diaries" on the CW.

Gary Oldman as "Dracula".
Brad Pitt as Louis in "Interview with a Vampire".

Tom Cruise as Lestat in "Interview with a Vampire".

David Boreanaz as Angel from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton from "True Blood".
Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman on "True Blood".

And of course, we can't forget the Cullens...
Robert Pattinson as Edward.

Kellen Lutz as Emmett.

Jackson Rathbone as Jasper.

Peter Facinelli as Carlisle.

Image credits may be found by clicking images.

Christine's Video Blog 2.18

I'm still working to find a way to get better video quality, but at least the sound is better!

Greek Gods

I was going to do a video post today, but don't ya know that when I was just about to get started the batteries on the camera keeled over? I think that's the story of my life. Like in the movie, "Friday"... cereal = no milk, tea = no sugar, camera = no batteries... see where I'm going with this?

I had a moment of crisis on Monday night.  My internet went out.  I figured it was the weather, but when I called on Tuesday morning, they weren't experiencing any outages.  The calvary arrived about an hour after my phone call to fix my problem.  Turns out I had a bum modem.  I'm extremely excited though because they gave me a new modem with a wireless router BUILT IN for free!  So the $50 one that I just bought (and am expecting in the mail today) can be taken back!  Thank you phone company!

The kids have been out of school due to the weather for so long I've lost count of how many days they've missed.  Because of this I've completely forgotten to tell you about "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief".  I've read all these books (except for the last one).  I know they are meant for "kids", but I don't care!  I enjoyed them and I'm glad that I convinced my son to read them too.  For Valentine's Day, we all piled in the car (weather be damned!) and headed to the movie theater.  We arrived a little late, but the sullen looking girl at the window let us in anyway.  Score!  We crept in the theater just as the movie was starting, but that meant we had to sit in the front.  And by in the front I mean the second row.  My neck is still aching from straining to see the screen.  It was totally worth it.  It's an awesome movie.  I was so excited to see Dr. Owen Hunt in this movie!  He's from Scotland and I wish that he had his Scottish accent on Grey's Anatomy!  Anyway... there are loads of other great actors in it as well, Rosario Dawson, Pierce Brosnan, and Uma Thurman.  The best part about the whole thing was explaining to my son that the Parthenon in Nashville was not just "movie magic", but a real place complete with a 40ft. tall statue of Athena.

Road trip to Nashville soon!

What I See

I braved the cold, the snow, and the wind yesterday afternoon because there was a brief moment of sunlight outside.

More snow clouds moving in.

Brrr... it's cold outside!

When my husband got home, we all piled in the car just to ride to town. I grabbed my camera just to take some snapshot of whatever I could find.

I love how big the flakes were!

Enough already!

My precious arrived on Saturday morning!

That would be the much anticipated CAMERA! Everyone is now sick and tired of me following them around taking pictures of them doing nothing. I've got to get the hang of it though, right? It has snowed here...again... so going outside, while possible, isn't really what I want to do right now.

See how happy I am!

Kaia being agreeable and posing for a snapshot.

Neil, my guitar hero, moments before accusing me of causing him to miss notes due to the bright flash.

Kaia's toes.

Ok, so maybe I was getting a little carried away with the camera, but it was just sooo much fun!

Click, Click

If you ordered a laptop computer, a wireless mouse, and a router from the same store, would you expect them to all come at the same time? I did, but I got notice today that the mouse has shipped. What am I going to do with a mouse intended for use with a laptop if I don't have a laptop? Thank you, Wal-Mart, for not having a clue. Makes my day bright, shiny, and cheerful.

For real though... I GOT MY CAMERA!!! The nice little FedEx man came this morning about 10AM and I think I pee'd my pants a little. I know I was supposed to read the manual, then re-read the manual before even putting the battery in, but I couldn't help myself. I whipped it all out of the box and had that battery charging before you can say, "Nikon". I will definitely be needing another lens.

So goes the saga of acquiring the camera...

You see I found what I wanted on A Nikon D40 with an 18-55mm lens, a 55-200mm lens, extra battery, 8GB memory card, and other non-essential goodies for only $678.  I went through all the motions only to discover that my bank has a $500 per day limit on my debit card.  By the time I got all that nonsense worked out with the bank, the camera deal was gone.  I had to settle for just getting the camera and  kit lens.  The lens is great, but the zoom capacity is not.  I'll save up for a little while and get the 55-200mm lens.  I found it at Ritz camera for only $199.  I'm still a newbie to cameras so just the basics for me.  I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend playing with it and reading the manual.  Hopefully I'll be able to post some great shots on Monday.

My Cam, and her Berg, are picking up their new VW bus today!!  I've been thinking of them all day and hoping their trip to Atlanta was an uneventful one.  I can't wait to see Berg's masterful restoration of what is surely to be the hippie-est, awesome-est VW bus EVA!

Happy weekend everybody!

Uh... yay?

I probably should have something witty and wonderful to talk about today. Simply because it's Friday. Friday's bring about a certain amount of happiness. Friday means not having to get up early the next day. Friday means not having to go to be early that night.

Instead this Friday is full of stresses. <--That word doesn't look right.  I shouldn't be stressed. I should be excited and happy. New car... yay! New camera... yay! Contemplating a new computer... yay!

However, it's these very things that are stressing me. I hate forking over big sums of money. It's so final. After I do it, I immediately begin to feel the regret of doing so. I start to think of all the "better" things I could have done such as how many trips to the grocery store that could have been.

On top of this, the computer caught itself a virus. I told it not to be traipsing around late at night, but it didn't listen to me. This morning, after running 2 virus scans last night, the virus was still holding on tight. There were 7 windows open on the computer. All were Internet Explorer. I do not ever use IE. After I finally got them all closed, I did the only thing I knew how to do. I reverted my computer back to the good ol' days of 2005 when it was manufactured. After re-running the virus scan, all seems to be well. Everything is running well and no random Internet Explorer pop-ups.

I supposed that after this week all the holiday gift giving is completely taken care of for the rest of the year.

Music from my Library

In keeping with the theme of the week, which seems to be videos or photos, here's a song from my library. Enjoy.

This is a remix for the show "Supernatural", but the original is by Ralph Stanley.

Christine's Video Blog 1.1


the newest addition to our family!

A 2008 Kia Spectra5!


I'm so glad we found this car and I couldn't be more excited about it!  The color is called "Electric Orange Metallic".  It's got driver side airbags, passenger side airbags, side curtain airbags, etc.  It's just a 4 cylinder so it's going to get great gas mileage.  Plus it only has 21K miles!  I know!!  Awesome, right?

First Ever Video Blog Post

Two blog post in one day?!?! That's right! Feel the love!

Make sure to visit Beth over at 

I Be Random

I would like to bypass the rest of Winter, skip right through Spring, and head straight for Summer! I found this awesome dress yesterday for about $15. Sexy, no? =) Ok, well...maybe not, but I lurve this dress. It's so comfy.

We also found a throwback video game, Killer Instinct, that makes me feel like a kid again.  So what if it's slightly violent...  Not to mention, I couldn't resist buying the new Super Mario Bros. Wii.  Let's face it, you really can't get better than Super Mario Bros.  This version allows up to 4 players so it's a perfect way to play games with the whole family.

We are going car shopping today.  I've never been car shopping.  Today we wake up and there is about 4" of snow on the ground.  Perfect weather for test driving cars, no?  More details on that later.

I tried ALL DAY LONG to upload a video to YouTube and/or Vimeo yesterday.  And nada...nothing... still no video.  When I can eventually get it posted, I'll have my first ever video blog post!!  Stay tuned!


Watching this show as a child is probably what's wrong with me today...