To get = Toilet

What's that I hear? Nothing... quietness.  The kids have returned to school and the husband has returned to work.  It's just me and my bad self stalking the house.  So why am I feeling a touch of the anxiety this morning?  I was hoping that after a month and a half of anti-anxiety medication I wouldn't feel this way anymore.  Maybe I should just give it more time.

Since getting my new, easier to text, phone back in December, I've been loving texting.  The phone has a full keyboard and I'm getting better at the speed of my text skills.  I also love to use the predictive text, or T9.  My husband hates it.  Last night I was speaking via text to my mom.  The conversation went something like this...

ME: Hey
ME: I'm dreading getting up in the morning.
Mom: Y?
ME: Because I've got toilet up at 6am!
Mom: That's right everybody going back 2 school and work
Mom: Toilet up at 6am?
ME: Yep, everybody, but me!  Hee hee! :)
ME: Uh... I don't get it... LOL
Mom: That was message i got from u  i didn't understand it either. LOL
ME: LMAO... Damn predictive text..
Mom: Got 2 admit it gives a laugh when u don't catch it
ME: Supposed to have said "to get up at 6am"...

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