Well, the snow finally arrived this afternoon around 3:30pm.  The kids got a free day out of school and we didn't have to worry about treacherous roads for the day.  The photo on the left was around 3:35pm and the one on the right was at 8:21pm.  I can't wait to see how much it snows overnight!

On another note, I'd like to push our car into the nearby river.  If we told everyone that it slide off the road in the slick conditions, do you think they would notice?  It has been a bain in my existence since the day we brought it home.  For the record, it's purchase was not my idea.  Now... we are both in agreement that we are fairly certain that the engine has blown.  I call it the "Garrison Curse".  My father, two of my brothers, and I, have always been plagued by crappy vehicles.  However, this particular car, came with a curse of it's own.  BUT that's a blog for some other day...

Right now, we are focusing on SNOW!!  The most snow (supposedly) that we've seen here in 15 years!  I'll update with more photos tomorrow!

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