A Brand New Decade

Happy new year to everyone!  I hope that all is well where ever you may be on this day (or night...depending on when you read this)!  We enjoyed an uneventful evening filled with tortilla chips, dip, and ESPN.  No alcohol for me last evening.  With the medicine I am taking I didn't want to risk any unwanted side effects plus I'm not a big drinker anyway.  Back in my younger days, lots of drinking, but now... not so much.

My son's Christmas gift card to Toys-R-Us has been burning a hole right through his pocket since he got it the beginning of December.  Chris took him to cash it in today when low and behold... they have Zhu Zhu pets.  He phoned me to ask if he should go ahead and get one for our daughter.  DUH! Yes, buy one, buy one!  No accessories though.  They are due to be in next week.

Nothing else of importance to note around here.  It's freezing cold outside and we don't have a single snow flake to show for it.  That bites.  What's worse is the extended forecast.  Do you see that?  Sunday's low is 9 degrees!!  Plane tickets to a more southerly, warmer, sandy location are welcomed.  Just email me for information on where you can send them!

On that note, I'll wish you all a wonderful (and warm) new year ahead!

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