How do astronauts prepare Chinese food???

They us a "space wok".

Ha, ha, ha, ha... that's all I got.

Oh, by the way, I'll be changing the blog background next week or over the weekend. I haven't really decided yet.


I've got a sick one home from school today. He said that he just has a stomach ache. I have a feeling I know what the culprit is. Without going into detail, he's always had issues with the amount of days between using the bathroom so I've given him some Miralax. Now we just play the waiting game. I hate for him to miss any school, but I'd also hate for him to be at the school when things, you know, resolve themselves.

It's getting to be about that time. Time to change the blog layout again! It's almost September, which means I'll be looking for a more Fall looking layout. I am happy with my layout right now though so it's going to be tough picking out one that I like. I may just try to change the background image and colors. Stay tuned! You know you never know what your going to find on here!

An Empty Planner

I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately. We haven't been having too much going on. School is back in so the kids are gone most of the day. Chris is at work so he is gone most of the day. I've just been here. By myself. For most of the day.

I have found some motivation though. Don't ask me where it came from because I'm still trying to figure that out. I guess it's being home all by myself. I have to keep busy so the time moves faster. Some days go by so s-l-o-w-l-y....

You know I'm a list maker, right? You know I'm pretty unmotivated too. Not to very long ago I purchased myself a daily planner. Maybe you remember it? Right about this same time last year, I decided that I wasn't happy with my unmotivated self and I was going to change it. I used my love of list making to help me on the quest.

My love for all things domestic is shaky at best. I want to have a spotlessly clean home, but I'd just like for someone else to do it. I hate that it always feels like I am waging war on something much greater than myself. So I made lists in my new daily planner.

Mondays equaled cleaning bathrooms,which we had three of at the time, doing dishes, and watering the plants. Tuesdays were dishes, sweeping/mopping kitchen floor, and washing all bed sheets and covers. Wednesdays... well, you get the point. I rationed myself out. Just a little at a time so that it didn't feel so overwhelming. Eventually I felt like I no longer needed my precious little lists. It wasn't too long after giving up the lists that I feel out of the groove.

Now I've found it again. I bought a new planner. It was too empty. I needed motivation and I found it with an empty daily planner. I get a great feeling of satisfaction crossing out all the things I've gotten done during the day. I'd much rather be drawing a pay check for all my hard work, but alas the elusive part-time job has not come to fruition. When I see the clean countertops and shiny floors, I feel good about my job well done though and one can only hope that everyone's job is as rewarding as mine.

Stuff You Did Not Know & Some Stuff That You Might Have Known

31.  My parents grew up and lived many years in Florida, but saw fit to move to Kentucky and have me...  I still don't understand this.
32.  There is a chicken farm about three tenths of a mile from my house.

33.  I live next door to a church and across the road from a cemetery.

34.  I don't attend church because I have too many questions.

35.  I worry about flooding as we live in a "bend" of the Green River.  It's on three sides of us.  About a mile away.

36.  I used to bite my fingernails.  I quit doing it, but sometimes catch myself doing it again.

37.  I love photography. I've been interested in it for years. I hope to one day buy a much more professional looking camera compared to the little Kodak EasyShare C875 I am currently using. A girl can hope, right?

38.  My printer is out of ink. EDIT: Not anymore!

39.  I try to keep a journal, but am really bad at it.

40.  Tylenol doesn't work for me.  I have to take Advil.  It's the only thing I've found that will get rid of my headaches.

*All images were found using Google images search.  I've left the links to the images so the proper parties can be acknowledged.  Simply mouse over images to see sources in the bottom left hand corner of your browser window.

Beautiful with a Chance of Panic

This weekend has been so beautiful! The temps have been great, no humidity. It's been picture perfect. I wish that I'd known it was going to be this way a week in advance so I could have reserved a campsite for the weekend. I had hoped to spend Saturday doing a Girls Night Out with a friend, but my anxiety got the better of me. I didn't want to ruin her day, but ended up ruining it anyway. Hopefully next time I can get a better grip on it.

It sounds nothing like it feels. Anxiety attack or panic attack. Panic is a better way to describe it, but when you have nothing to panic about it seems a little ridiculous.

I've not always had these attacks. It's only been the past few years. I can remember having smaller ones. Not knowing what was going on or why I was even having them. I also remember the one that sent me running to the hospital. It was my birthday 2 years ago. I thought I was dying. Having a heart attack to be specific. I had pain and tightness in my chest. My left arm was hurting and feeling a tightness too. I just knew something bad was going to happen. When I finally got to see a doctor, she told me there was no way at 28, that I was having a heart attack. That I was having an anxiety attack. She sent me home with ten 25mg Xanax and told me to just relax. Her reassurance that I was indeed not having a heart attack did not make me feel better. My grandmother had her first heart attack at 33. The Xanax didn't help either and I spent a week feeling like I was dying before finally, gradually I came out of it.

It happened again a little less than a year later. This time I knew what was going on. I made an appointment to see a general practitioner. They ran a gambit of tests from X-rays to cholesterol. He gave me some acid reflux medicine. A week later I returned, told him that I was having anxiety attacks, not an acid reflux problem. He prescribed me Effexor and Ambien CR. I was confident this was going to make me feel better. I was so far off on that one. This drug was definitely not for me. I couldn't eat or sleep. It had caused my salivary glands to nearly stop functioning altogether. Everything I tried to eat was like unflavored mush in my mouth. It got to the point where I started thinking that everyone would be better off without me. They were supposed to be for anti-anxiety/anti-depression, but they only made me severely depressed. As soon as this happened, I quit taking them. After only 4 days.

My husband consulted with his nurse at work who offered up a alternative solution. A psychologist. I made the appointment. Our first appointment basically consisted of me talking my head off 90 miles a minute for an hour. She asked if I was always like that. Nope I told her, but I immediately felt better. I had told her about the ill effects of the Effexor and how I was really scared to try anything else. She reassured me that was fine with her because she didn't prescribe pills to her patients. She suggested I try a book called "The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook". I went right to Barnes & Noble the next day and bought it. It has been the single best thing I have ever done.

Reading through it, I found myself feeling not so alone. I found ways for me to deal with the attacks on my own. While it has been a help, it is not a cure. Thankfully, I've not had an attack as bad as the two I've mentioned since then, but I still have them sometimes. Sometimes I know the reasons, most of the time I do not. They come on out of nowhere. Just the other day, I had to pick up my son from school instead of letting him ride the bus home because he had a dentist appointment. Sitting there in the line, like I've done countless other times before, my heart started pounding. I was cold, but I was sweating. I thought I was going to pass out. There was no reason for it, but there it was. It happened like this when we went on vacation too. I'd been so looking forward to going to Savannah, but once we got there and I walked down the steps to River Street I was sick with anxiety. Literally, I thought I was going to get sick. As soon as we got back to Ashley's car, I was fine. I had been fine on the ride there, at Bonaventure Cemetery, and at Tybee Island. No explanation.

That's what happened to this weekends trip. I felt it coming before it even got here. I know that my friend was looking forward to going, as was I, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't feel that again. It really is a hopeless feeling. I've pulled the workbook back out. I think I need to work on focusing and containing this anxiety again. It's starting to creep back and I don't want it here.

Drip, Drop...

It's raining. I'm wondering if I should set up camp in the basement to monitor for flooding again.

Wondering where I was yesterday? Sitting right here. Doing just about nothing. I thought about blogging for longer than I should have for most of the day, but there just wasn't/isn't anything going on around here. Biggest news? It's raining. I know. Try to hold back all of your excitement.

I took Neil to the dentist yesterday afternoon to have those teeth that were broken checked to make sure the root hadn't died. I drove 45 miles for the dentist to put something really cold on his teeth and ask him if it felt like ice cream did on his teeth. For Pete's sake, I could have done that myself with an ice cube! Wonder how much this is going to end up costing us...

I discovered a new television show recently. "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" on ABC Family. I don't normally watch that channel, but I found the first season on Hulu and thought I'd give it a try. It's not that great of a show, but I found myself watching every single episode. The acting is just so-so, the plots are so-so. If the writers think this is the way teenagers think/talk/act, they are way, way, off. It would be a secret to think that American teenagers acted this way. The main character (Amy) seems to be a spoiled rotten brat who got pregnant the first time she ever had sex then expects everyone to continue to do everything for her. Well, that might not be too far fetched, but I hate that young girls may be watching this thinking that this show is what's it's like to be in high school or to have sex. I know it's been YEARS since I was in school. I sincerely hope that this show is just a huge dramatization and not how real teens are behaving these days.

The weather this weekend is supposed to be absolutely beautiful here. Highs around 80, no humidity, sunny skies. I can't wait. I have no idea what to do, but I know I want to get out of this house and go do something! Any suggestions for things to do outdoors in south central Kentucky??

More Stuff...

I've gone and changed it again. At least this time the change isn't as huge. I found a better way to make my posts expandable. With this new link, the post will open in the same window. Much more convenient that having a whole new window or tab open every time. I actually found that pretty annoying.

The Girl Scout troop went on Monday to check out the Dairy Queen. They got to make their own ice cream cones.
Chris also had yet another appointment to get yet another MRI done on his shoulder that same afternoon. I couldn't go with him so I suggested that he get is mom or his stepdad to go with him. He called me not long after arriving at the restaurant to let me know that the business had given him the wrong address and that he had gone to their old location first which meant that by the time they got to the correct location, they were 30 minutes late. Guess what? They wouldn't see him. I am so glad that I had something else to do. They drove all the way to Nashville, which is a little over an hour drive, for nothing. What a waste of gas!

They did reschedule his appointment though. For today. He's having to miss more work. Workers Comp should have to pay him for his time away from work since they are forcing him to get this MRI. He's already had one. The doctor that has ordered this second one has already stated he didn't see anything wrong with his shoulder. He even released him back to full duty at work. Which has actually hurt his shoulder more. Since he had time off in July and has been just welding at work, it's gotten better. Last week, they put him back to full duty and it's been popping and hurting again. I just want this whole mess to be over with.

Still working on that featured blogger post for Mamapedia. I'm not sure if I will be able to come up with enough words. There is also no guarantee that they will even use the post that I submit, but at least I put effort into it.

Stuff You Did Not Know & Some Stuff You Might Have Known

I may just keep this going on and on and on... but by the time I'm done you should be able to pass the quiz.  There will be a quiz, by the way.

21.  Eluding to fact numbers 5 & 6... I don't like the Louisville Cardinals either.

22.  In fact, I'm not a basketball fan at all.

24.   I am unmotivated ie. lazy.

25.  Cherry Coke will be the end of me.
26.  Because of facts 24 & 25, my belly has taken on an innertube type look.  I won't post a picture of that...
27.  I really want to live on a farm with a huge 100 year old farmhouse.

28.  Or a castle in know whichever comes first.
29.  OK, so it wasn't a castle...It's a farm in Ireland.  I'm always cold anyway so why not raise sheep?
30.  I can't believe I am already to fact number 30.

*All images were found using Google images search.  I've left the links to the images so the proper parties can be acknowledged.  Simply mouse over images to see sources in the bottom left hand corner of your browser window.


We hold out hope that they will go!  They being the Logan County All-Star Little League baseball team.  That's the big news around here this weekend.  Have you heard?  They are headed to the World Series!  They played a great game on Saturday beating Bartholomew County, Indiana 10-3.  Now they move on to play Chula Vista, California on August 22nd at 7PM on ESPN2.  I will admit I'm a little jealous that it's not our boys, but since I'm from Logan County, I'm proud just the same.

In other news...

I received an email asking if I'd like to be a guest blogger on a website called  I checked it out.  I think it's interesting.  There are several articles to read over many different subjects.  I decided I would do it.  I sat down last night with pen and paper to go old school and write out a post.  I thought I'd done a good job.  I had two full pages, front and back, written out in no time.  I had planned on posting it here this morning and then submitting it to their site.  However, I'm a mere 300 words short.  It has to be between 800 and 1,000 words.  I thought surely all that writing I had done was at least 800 words.  Nope.  Just 522.  I even made all the contractions, not contractions.  Still I am short.  Back to the ol' drawing board for me, I guess. 

I'm just not good with words half the time.  You guys know this.  You read this blog.  It's random because most of the time, I have nothing interesting enough to be blogging about.  But I like blogging so I just find something to say.  I like the idea of blogging without obligation, but I do feel obligated.  Not to my readers necessarily, but to myself.  Sometimes writing a blog post helps me get through my day a little easier.  Let's me get it all out.

In even more other news...

I made myself a cup of tea this morning instead of a cup of cappucino.  It's really good too.  Tazo brand.  Calm is the flavor. Two spoons of sugar.  Good stuff.

A Feature for Friday

 UPDATE:  Something apparently happened to the code I posted here earlier.  I apologize for having only part of the post here.  Basically, just go to the Blog Bulk website and they can show you how to do pretty much anything you'd like to do to your blog.  Again...sorry that almost 6PM I'm just now realizing that the most essential parts of this post have just disappeared... No wonder I have no comments!

I am really digging my new layout.  I think I appreciate it more because I really did it myself.  I would like to note though that I didn't do it without a little help.  A Google search here.  A Google search there.  I found many sites with much information.  The one I find myself returning to time and time again is Blog Bulk.  I have found pretty much everything I need to customize my blog the way I want it.

I was a little scared messing with that "Edit HTML" tab.  I was afraid all would be lost, but I have found that, once I've altered the HTML, I can simply click the Preview button to see if it looks right or ever works.  If it doesn't, I can just click "Clear Edits" and all is not lost.  Edits are gone, but my blog is just the way it was before I started messing with it.  I always backup my layout first though.

Today I thought I'd share the Blog Bulk tutorial "Read More or Expandable Posts for Blogger Posts".  I like to take lots of pictures.  I also like to share those, but sometimes it just takes up so much room on the main page of the blog.

Ok... let's get started...

1.  Go to your dashboard - Layout - Edit HTML.  Save your template.
Click on the Expand Widget Templates box in the upper right corner.
Use CTRL + F and find the following code:
2.  Place the following code in red in the middle, like this:
3.  Find this part of code using CTRL + F:
4.  Place the code in red below it, like this:
5.  Now click Save Template.  Previewing will not show you any changes.
6.  On your future posts you will have to add some HTML code after you are done writing it, but before you publish it.
This will be where your "intro" goes (the part everyone will see on your main page)

And the rest of your post here
Viola!  You're done!
I highly recommend visiting the Blog Bulk site to see a much better tutorial on how to do this and many, many more things like adding a background to your page or individual posts as well as making your blog width greater.
Have fun!

Stuff You Did Not Know & Some Stuff You Might Have Known

Continuing on from last weeks post...

11. I like having pink hair.

12. I enjoy hunting.

13. We actually use/eat what is hunted.

14. I feel guilty about this because I want to be a good Buddhist.

15. I hate the person who decided that ladies should shave their legs.  It's the single most irritating thing I do while cleansing myself in the shower.  During the Winter, I don't shave my legs as often as I should.  Who sees them anyway?!

16. But I never go more than one day without shaving my armpits.

17. I'd like to be a librarian.

18. I love to read books listed as "Young Adult" even though I'm 30.

19. "The Godfather" Parts 1 & 2 are my favorite movies. Ever.

20. Second favorite movie (because I consider the previous 2 movies as 1) is "The Notebook".

*All images were found using Google images search.  I've left the links to the images so the proper parties can be acknowledged.  Simply mouse over images to see sources in the bottom left hand corner of your browser window.


--Have any of these screaming, ranting, acting like lunatics people actually read the 1000+ pages of the Health Care Reform (link updated 12-19-2013) bill?  I just want to know if they've actually sat down and read the entire thing.  I haven't.  I don't plan to.  I probably should.  Just this morning I couldn't help but shake my head and laugh at the TV as a random citizen screamed in Arlen Specter's face that one day he would "face God" and that "God would judge him" for "this".  Really?!  No offense, but I'm thinking that "God" could give two farts to the wind about health care reform.

--I was a little put out last night.  I caught the last 30 minutes of the season finale of "Kendra".  She was my favorite "Girl Next Door".  She recently moved out of "The Mansion", got married, and is expecting a baby sometime around Christmas.  I was put out when she was asked about a nanny for her child.  Both she and her hubby were all gung ho over getting a nanny.  She said that she was given the advice that she would require one.  That she would be so very tired for the first few weeks after giving birth that a nanny was the only thing she could do.  She must have one.  .....  ..... .....  I'm sorry.  This is the biggest load of crap.  I wish someone hadn't told them this was the best thing, but of course I don't know them so...  Thousands of women give birth everyday and take their children home and guess what?  THEY TAKE CARE OF THEM BY THEMSELVES.  I know it's apparently a far fetched idea to some, that a mother would actually have the responsibility of taking care of her own child, but everyone I know with kids has done it.  We've had no trouble.  Sure, we were tired.  We just wanted that baby to, please for the love of all things holy, just sleep through a night.  We wanted that random smell to go away.  But you know what.... that's what happens when you have a baby.  You have to sacrifice a little sleep, a little rest, a lot of time.  If you need help, call your family or friends.  Now I do understand that she is moving a very long way from her family, but there is no reason that for the first few weeks there can't be someone hanging around to give a helping hand.  I hate celebrity types who get "nannies".  It's about as bad as scheduling your C-section.  I understand doing that if it is medically necessary, but C-sections are supposed to be for emergencies only, not just for your convenience or because you are scared to give birth the normal way.

--Why is the price of gas going up?  Again...

--I think that school starting back the end of July or the first week of August is all kinds of wrong.  August is normally the hottest month of the year in these parts.  (Ha!  I said "in these parts".)  Why put all those students on those extremely hot buses?  Why sug', why?  Why do they have a Fall Break now?  We didn't have a break in the Fall.  We started school the middle to end of August, had Thanksgiving break, had a Christmas break (not a "Winter" break), had Spring Break, then got out of school the middle to end of May.  Now they start too early, get too much time out, and go too long.  Why sug', why?

--Did Rick Pitino actually do that?  He's like a god in Kentucky.  What will people think of him now?  I kind of think he's a little like the creepy, dirty Uncle you don't want your kids around.

Crafty Me

I decided to be crafty.

I'm always trying to be crafty, but usually end up frustrated.  Most of the time, I abandon whatever it was that I was trying to be crafty at.

After buying the kids their school supplies this year, I couldn't help but notice just how blah their binders were.  The idea came upon me to craft them a cover that I could slip right down into the sleeve on the front.  We had to get them new shoes so I figured while we were at it we could head over to Hobby Lobby.  I let them pick out their own backgrounds, stickers, and such.  I am more proud of how Kaia's turned out.  Not that I am not equally as proud of Neil's, but let's face it, boys don't want ribbons and fru fru on their binders.


This is really my first attempt at anything resembling scrapbooking.  I really want to make scrapbooks for the kids, but I get so overwhelmed everytime I go to the scrapbook aisle!  I think I did alright though!

It's Friday!!!

I know you were all wondering where I was yesterday.  No not really, I bet you didn't even notice I was gone, did you?!  Yesterday was the kids first day of school.  I can't believe that it has gone so quickly.  The time, the summer... all of it.  They are in the 3rd and 4th grades now!  I actually got out of the house and did stuff yesterday.  I know!  Amazing, isn't it?  Took some movies back to the video store, went by Mom's apartment to see what she was doing, watched some taped Craig Ferguson, continually rearranged fans in the basement to help it get dried out... it was a fun filled day I tell you.

Kids only went for half a day yesterday which worked out well because they had the dreaded dentist appointment.  They hate going, but once they get there they are fine.  Neil wasn't really acting like his usually bouncing off the walls self and I wondered it something had happened at school that he wasn't telling me.  I kept prodding him and nothing...  We invited Mom over for some pork chops on the barbie.  Myself, Mom, and the kids stopped by the grocery store to pick up some potatoes to go along with the chops.  Neil went in with Mom while Kaia kept me company in the car.  Suddenly, Kaia says, "Is that Neil?"  I turn to see him leaning on the Coke machine just outside the doors of the store.  At first I thought he was getting a soda.  Then I realized as onlookers gathered that he was indeed, getting sick.  Right next the door.  To the grocery store.  I jumped out of the car and ran over to him.  He just put his hand up and said I'm fine, I'm fine.  I asked what he'd eaten for lunch.  Chicken, he said.  Ewwww..... now I knew why he'd gotten sick.  He said his lunch time isn't until 11:45AM.  They start lunches around 10 or 10:30AM.  No telling how long that chicken had been sitting out until he got to it.  I was amazed that he'd made it all the way home on the bus and sat through a teeth cleaning at the dentist without getting sick.

Such an eventful day!  Now you see why I didn't post yesterday.

On a completely unrelated subject, what about ol' Bill Clinton going on over to North Korea and coming back with those journalists in like 30 hours time?  Wow.  I'm not a politically savvy person by any means, but I do know that this tiny bit of info makes me serious doubt the negotiations standards of our government.  Those women were imprisoned in North Korea for months without anything that looked like progress.  Former President Clinton goes over there, spends a day, takes a stinkin' picture, and walks away with those journalists.  Say what you want about that man, but I could care less what he is/was doing in his bedroom (or the Oval Office) when he was President.  Our country was in better standing with other countries of the world AND we had a surplus of finances.  Not a deficit or a recession or, as the REAL PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY CALL IT, a Depression because looking at our government and the state of our country is depressing.  No offense to Barack Obama, I did vote for him, but we've got to make a better effort here.  "Cash for Clunkers" is not going to rebound our economy when people can't afford to pay for a new car.  Even with the $3 to $4K they are giving as an incentive.  Why would I want to trade in my slightly weathered, seen better days, already paid for!!, clunker for a bright, shiny new car payment?  Uh... no thank you, Mr. Government.  I'd rather find, oh I don't know.... A JOB!!!

Where's my ark?

By now I'm sure you've all heard about the flooding in Louisville.  If you haven't, you must be living under a rock.  Yesterday they got 6+ inches of rainfall in 90 minutes!  Wowza, that's a lot of rain!  We received part of that storm, but it wasn't nearly 6 inches of rain by the time it got to us.

We've always had a little water seepage in our (thankfully) unfinished basement.  It's never been bad in the sense that the floor is basically just damp in certain areas.  One corner over there and the, what I call, ash trap on the chimney.  Right after we moved in, we got several heavy downpours of rain.  We noticed that the floor was a little more wet than usual.  Then one day we got a really heavy amount of rain and nearly the entire basement floor was wet.  Not a measurable amount of water, mind you, just wet.  Yesterday afternoon during the brief storm, I ventured down to the basement to put some clothes in the dryer.  I noticed that there was an oddly shaped round circle of wetness suspiciously around the drain in the floor.  Hmmm, well that's interesting.  There wasn't any amount of wetness leading up to the that point.  Lightbulb moment!  The drain must be backing up!  This is a fairly older home.  I'm not even sure of when exactly it was built, but the basement drains and several of the downspouts from the house run down a drain pipe into our yard.  The bathroom and kitchen sinks, as well as the tub and toilet all drain to the septic so don't think gross things here.  As I was having my lightbulb moment about the drain, I remembered that earlier one of the gutters was overflowing.  This same gutter empties into the downspout that drains into the same pipe as the basement drain.  So you see it was all starting to make sense to me at this point.  If you recall, we've lived here before.  Left briefly for a stint in our native Logan County, then ran our tails back to where we felt "home".  After my husband came home from work and I was enlightening him to our basement situation, it dawned on both of us that the little white pipe you used to be able to see sticking out of the ground wasn't there anymore.  We both agreed that tomorrow (today) we would go out and find the drain pipe, as apparently the previous tenant removed the white portion and the grass had clogged up the opening, and unclog it.

We should have done it a little sooner.  We got a "second round" of storms last night that resulted in this...

Two and a half inches of water.  In our basement.  When I first discovered it, the water was still flowing rapidly up out of the drain.  These photos are after I freaked out and ran, like a dumb ass, into the water to start picking things up.  There was a fan sitting in the floor.  Running.  Thankfully the plug wasn't in the water, but upon turning around I realized that the also running dehumidifier (seen in the last photo with the green hose) plug was laying smack dab in the water plugged into the industrial extension cord.  I was so lucky to not have been fried as soon as my feet hit that water.  The water rose about another half and inch after this, but within an hour and a half it had all drained back out.
Luckily, most everything down there, with the exception of our bedroom (which we have NEVER seen any amount of water in), was either in a plastic bag or a plastic tub.  Since our washer and dryer are down stairs there were a few clothes laying down there, but I managed to get most of them in baskets and just out of reach of the deeper water.  
I went down this morning to survey the damage and start getting as many of those wet clothes washed as I could before they begin to mildew.  It wasn't as bad as I had imagined it to be.  I plugged the dehumidifier back in and plugged in two box fans to help dry it up.  The biggest challenge will be getting the two area rugs out of our bedroom area.  They are still completely soaked.  I have already gone outside, found the end of the drain, and begun the process of digging, but the ground is just so wet that it's hard to shovel.  I'm hoping the sun will finally come out today and dry it up a bit.
Anybody else have a tale to tell of the great flood of Kentucky 2009???

Stuff You Did Not Know & Some Stuff You Might Have Known

I've found a new blog, Bourbon Mama, that I love to read.  She's funny, a Kentuckian, and she likes bourbon.  Trifecta!  She recently had her 100th (+1) post.  To celebrate she listed 101 "facts" about herself.  I loved this idea.  It was a great way to acknowledge her milestone in the blogosphere.  I am way beyond my 100th post, but I thought this would make a great opportunity to tell a few "facts" about myself..  I don't think I'm going to list all 100 at once.  I've got to keep you reading so I'll space them out randomly 'cause guess what....that's one of those facts about me.  Most of these you probably have already gathered from just reading through a few of my posts or my profile.  Let us begin...

1.  I was terrified to turn 30.

2.  I long to travel the world. 
3.  I used to smoke cigarettes.
4.  If I could get away with wearing flip flops all year, I would do so.

5.  I love Kentucky.
6.  But I don't bleed blue.

7.  At least once a week, I browse the house listings in random places on
8.  I could live the rest of my life without ever using another cell phone.
9.  Cell phones are one of the reasons that people are not respectful anymore.

10. I'm addicted to Final Fantasy video games.

*All images were found using Google images search.  I've left the links to the images so the proper parties can be acknowledged.  Simple mouse over images to see sources in the bottom left hand corner of your brower window.