Presents, presents!

I completely forgot to tell everyone what a wonderful husband I have! And mother-in-law too!  You may remember not very long ago I swore everyone to secrecy to not tell my ever trusty Kodak that I was looking to find a new, sexier model.  And then you might also remember my difficulties with shooting photos during overcast skies.  Those days are gone folks!

My husband surprised me with a new Nikon P90

Plus it came with a camera bag and a new SD card!  I was so excited and surprised!  My mother-in-law had tried to get the camera through Dell, but they were backordered.  I lost hope that I would ever obtain it when I went to look at it on the Dell site one day.  It was no longer listed.  Turns out he's been hiding it in a closet for almost 2 weeks!  He wasn't sure it would be in by Christmas.  It was actually backordered, but he got lucky!  I love it, love it, love it!

Here's an unaltered photo I took with the new camera:

Wonderful!  With my old camera, I would have gotten this effect by using photo editing software.  I am so pleased!

I do feel bad though.  Since I had lost hope of getting this particular model, I wasn't really looking for another one.  Cam told me about the Nikon D40 as was suggested to her by her professional, professor father-in-law, Dave LaBelle.  I thought that the P90 was an SLR, but I just didn't do enough research.  Every time I would mention how much I was excited about the D40, Chris would brush it off and just shrug his shoulders.  What I didn't know was that by the time I had done enough research, he'd already had the P90 ordered.  However, I think this camera is going to be the perfect fit for me as I'm not in any way familiar with any photography terms or gadgets or widgets or gidgets.  I can't wait to start taking pictures again!

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