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This is Cyrus. Named after John Malcovich's character, "Cyrus the Virus", in the movie "Con-Air". Not named for any certain country singer(s).

He is almost 6 years old. We've had him since he was around 10 weeks old. He's been the best dog we've ever had. He's great with the kids. He does tend to be a jumper and a licker though. I get tired of trying to defend his breed. He's an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier, whichever you prefer. Most people just say, "You have a PIT BULL?!?!" and "What about your kids?"

This breed gets so much bad publicity in the news. It seems that every dog bite comes from a pit bull. If you raise a dog to be mean, vicious, and aggressive then guess what? You're going to have a mean, vicious, and aggressive dog. It really doesn't matter what breed of dog you have, if you raise them well they will be good dogs.

Cyrus is a good dog. He would defend his humans if he had to, but would never bite anyone just because he wanted too. I think the vast majority of the injuries sustained by these dogs is the fact that their owners weren't raising them well and weren't caring for them in a way that is conducive to a happy dog. I would never allow my dog to just run around on his own. Even if he was a poodle.

I'm writing this because I've heard of two dog bite victims in the news lately and so much emphasis was put on the fact that they were "viciously attacked by a pit bull" that I wondered if anyone had any idea there were other dog breeds out there. I'm here to say that there is at least one dog of this breed that is a good dog. He's a family dog. He's a lap dog, if you let him. He's a companion. He's goofy. He's lovable. He's kind. He's the perfect dog.

He's our Cy-cy, Cyrus the Virus, and Goofy Gus.

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  1. Hello there. I stumbled upon your entry and read what you had to say about your APBT. What caught my eye was the white little marking he has on his face. It is very close to the markings our APBT that we adopted from our local shelter. We call it her "toothbrush"

    Our dog was taken in as a stray and in December of 2011, they guessed her to be 8 months old. Now, her name is Bella she has been a fantastic and loving member of our family!

    Thank you for your post about the APBT!