Struck Again

I'm in love.  I'm in love with my dad's laptop computer.  I have to find a way to negotiate one of these for myself.  Honestly, I think I would rediscover my love for Ye Olde Desktop if I purchased additional memory (she only has 256MB) and upgraded to Vista ('cause I want to!!).  I'm just scared.

Not scared about the memory thing, that part seems easy.  I'm scared to do the whole Vista thing.  I don't want to have to pay somebody hundreds of dollars either.  There really isn't a need for me to go purchase a new computer of any sort when mine works perfectly well.  It's just slow.  I've done all I can do for it short of purchasing the memory.  I even reset the whole thing back to it's factory settings and still she is slow. 

I've worked mostly with Windows XP, but I've seen a few computers equipped with Vista and I like their ease of use.  I've also heard lots of people complain about Vista as well.  Of course,  I'd love to have a Mac, but again let's face the facts here... those babies are expensive.

So I'm asking all those who are listening... what do you think about XP and Vista?

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