Monday, October 26th, 2009

Last week was great.  I'm so glad that my dad was able to make the trip up to Kentucky to spend the week with us.  The time went by so fast I can't believe that he had to leave so soon.  We spent most of the time just wandering around aimlessly in various restaurants and places since Chris was at work and the kids were in school.  We managed to walk around Hobby Lobby for a couple of hours and I only spent $5!  The Simplicity patterns were all on sale.  I found one for personal blanket... AKA a Snuggie!!  Kaia said she wanted one for kids so I hope she'll accept a knock off handmade version!  I also found one with a simple quilt design.  I've never made a quilt before, but I'm going to attempt one soon.  Wish me luck!

We visited the Aviation Heritage Park in Bowling Green.   They currently have only one plane on display there.  This particular aircraft is an F-4D Phantom II.  It was flown in Vietnam by Major Dan Cherry of Bowling Green.  I don't think I've ever been so close to any kind of fighter jet. 

The color of the leaves are rapidly changing now.  Dad commented before he left that some of the trees were still green when he arrived a week ago.  Most have already turned to their bright yellows and oranges while some are still green.  Our Dogwoods' leaves had already turned a dark red, but were still hanging all over the tree when he arrived.  Yesterday there were just a handful left.  Pretty soon the weatherman will be calling for snow....

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