It's Made of Cheese

Everyone knows that the moon is made of cheese. 

I don't know why NASA has to shoot a rocket to the moon to look for water.  In fact, I'm pretty freaked out about it.  How do they know what is going to happen if they start sucking all the water out of the moon?  Don't we have enough water right here on this planet?  I'd like it if we could focus on sustaining what we already have as opposed to looking outside of what we already know works for us.

I haven't watched the news in a couple of days.  I wait until I know the weather is going to be on and then I tune in.  I've talked about having an anxiety disorder before so it's no surprise that this is causing me to have an attack.  Well, it's no surprise to me anyway.  It's frustrating when the attacks come from nowhere and I don't know why I am having them, but it's even harder to come out of an attack when I know what is causing the anxiety.  Because I know what the cause is I have to work harder to think of something other than that subject.

I'm always hoping for a way to avoid it.  I can remember a time when I had no idea what anxiety was.  I want to be there again.


  1. Look on the bright side here-- if they DO blow up the moon-
    1. it will be less waves= less undertow and less children to drown in the ocean....also less whales beached in the sand to die...
    2. since the moon is made of cheese- we won't have to buy it at the will fall from the sky like it's raining gumballs... er... cheese.
    3. Every October I won't get a HORRENDOUS tooth ache that I blame on the moon change... (even though I really know it's because I need to have my wisdom teeth cut out- but I don't want to lose any more wisdom... no need in having a REASON to ride the short bus now, right?)
    (I was kinda freaked out too- but I decided that THIS was way better than freaking out about it....and it's alot funnier too)

  2. Thanks! That did put a smile on my face.

    I had all of my wisdom teeth pulled. I never thought to use that as an excuse... :)