10 Year Old Grown Ups

It's official.  He's been here a decade.  A whole decade.  He's in the double digits now.  I've managed to not let a single tear fly.  They've welled up in my eyeballs, but not overflowed them.

We did a little get together for his birthday this past Saturday.  I asked him to invite his friends from school, but I guess he's already at the age where we, as parents, embarrass him because he didn't want to invite them!  He didn't want a birthday cake either.  That's really no surprise though because he isn't much of a sweet eater. Every morning we watch the morning news while they are eating their breakfast and getting ready to catch the bus.  They run a segment of "Mr. Food".  Last week he did a Cinnamon Nut Ring.  Neil said that's what he wanted for his birthday.  It was super simple to make and he really liked it.

He got the new "Transformers" movie so all the kids (plus Chris and my dad) snuck to the livingroom to watch it.  I had an issue with the candles we bought to put on the cake.  They were trick sparkler candles.  The kind that are supposed to sparkle like those fireworks and then when you blow them out they light back.  Didn't happen.  They just burned like regular candles.  It was quite uneventful.  So while the kids were doing adult like things, myself, my mother and father-in-law, and my mom all stood in the kitchen while I held a lit candle and waited for something to happen.  The only thing that happened was that I got burned with hot wax and the candle stuck to my finger.

Then to further make ourselves look like idiots... we balanced a broom in the kitchen floor.  No, really, we did.  See my mother-in-law was telling me that her son-in-law told her that his wife had done this.  Apparently the planets are aligned in such a way that you can do things like balance your broom and it will stand without your help.  His wife stood up all the brooms down an aisle in Wal-Mart.

I can't take all the credit for standing the broom up.  My father-in-law placed it in the doorway first and after several near misses on getting it to balance, I took over trying and got it to stand.

My mother-in-law and I sat in the corner watching and waiting for it to fall.

Then I promised her that I wouldn't put that second photo on Facebook....  She didn't mention a thing about blogging about it!  If you don't hear from me for a few days... you know why.

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