I've got a sick one home from school today. He said that he just has a stomach ache. I have a feeling I know what the culprit is. Without going into detail, he's always had issues with the amount of days between using the bathroom so I've given him some Miralax. Now we just play the waiting game. I hate for him to miss any school, but I'd also hate for him to be at the school when things, you know, resolve themselves.

It's getting to be about that time. Time to change the blog layout again! It's almost September, which means I'll be looking for a more Fall looking layout. I am happy with my layout right now though so it's going to be tough picking out one that I like. I may just try to change the background image and colors. Stay tuned! You know you never know what your going to find on here!


  1. Sorry to hear he isn't feeling well. I think it was wise to keep him home, under those conditions.

  2. I know how trying it can be when he has these problems......but we also know that it will all work out in the end.....lol....sorry couldn't help the bit of a pun, although I do understand it isn't a laughing matter

  3. Will all work out in the end...ahhh, priceless!

    Hoping little NPH feels better soon! I had the same issues as a child, and it is so miserable. I am glad you kept him home!

    I can't wait to see the new layout! For Halloween ones, you should check out the link I gave, but it's not on her site, it's her first link under other blog layouts...

    Some awesome halloweenie types!