Stuff You Did Not Know & Some Stuff You Might Have Known

I may just keep this going on and on and on... but by the time I'm done you should be able to pass the quiz.  There will be a quiz, by the way.

21.  Eluding to fact numbers 5 & 6... I don't like the Louisville Cardinals either.

22.  In fact, I'm not a basketball fan at all.

24.   I am unmotivated ie. lazy.

25.  Cherry Coke will be the end of me.
26.  Because of facts 24 & 25, my belly has taken on an innertube type look.  I won't post a picture of that...
27.  I really want to live on a farm with a huge 100 year old farmhouse.

28.  Or a castle in know whichever comes first.
29.  OK, so it wasn't a castle...It's a farm in Ireland.  I'm always cold anyway so why not raise sheep?
30.  I can't believe I am already to fact number 30.

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  1. I'll never understand your affinity for Cherry Coke. I used to like them. Of course, we made our own, using cherry vodka.
    If you raise sheep, can I have the wool?

  2. how the heck did I miss out on facts #1-20 ????

  3. Queen Bee - Yes, you can have some wool.

    Mom - Check last weeks' posts. :)

  4. I'm caught up on the stuff!

  5. You KNOW you are a Cards fan!! :)
    I SOOO need to do one of these things for myself... maybe it can be something I put on the shiny, happy blog :)