We hold out hope that they will go!  They being the Logan County All-Star Little League baseball team.  That's the big news around here this weekend.  Have you heard?  They are headed to the World Series!  They played a great game on Saturday beating Bartholomew County, Indiana 10-3.  Now they move on to play Chula Vista, California on August 22nd at 7PM on ESPN2.  I will admit I'm a little jealous that it's not our boys, but since I'm from Logan County, I'm proud just the same.

In other news...

I received an email asking if I'd like to be a guest blogger on a website called  I checked it out.  I think it's interesting.  There are several articles to read over many different subjects.  I decided I would do it.  I sat down last night with pen and paper to go old school and write out a post.  I thought I'd done a good job.  I had two full pages, front and back, written out in no time.  I had planned on posting it here this morning and then submitting it to their site.  However, I'm a mere 300 words short.  It has to be between 800 and 1,000 words.  I thought surely all that writing I had done was at least 800 words.  Nope.  Just 522.  I even made all the contractions, not contractions.  Still I am short.  Back to the ol' drawing board for me, I guess. 

I'm just not good with words half the time.  You guys know this.  You read this blog.  It's random because most of the time, I have nothing interesting enough to be blogging about.  But I like blogging so I just find something to say.  I like the idea of blogging without obligation, but I do feel obligated.  Not to my readers necessarily, but to myself.  Sometimes writing a blog post helps me get through my day a little easier.  Let's me get it all out.

In even more other news...

I made myself a cup of tea this morning instead of a cup of cappucino.  It's really good too.  Tazo brand.  Calm is the flavor. Two spoons of sugar.  Good stuff.


  1. I know! This is BIG! Way to go Little Leaguers! Whoo-hoo!

  2. I know you can come up with more to say on that blog.....300 more words will be nothing for the day goes on you will jot down more thoughts to get it completed