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I've gone and changed it again. At least this time the change isn't as huge. I found a better way to make my posts expandable. With this new link, the post will open in the same window. Much more convenient that having a whole new window or tab open every time. I actually found that pretty annoying.

The Girl Scout troop went on Monday to check out the Dairy Queen. They got to make their own ice cream cones.
Chris also had yet another appointment to get yet another MRI done on his shoulder that same afternoon. I couldn't go with him so I suggested that he get is mom or his stepdad to go with him. He called me not long after arriving at the restaurant to let me know that the business had given him the wrong address and that he had gone to their old location first which meant that by the time they got to the correct location, they were 30 minutes late. Guess what? They wouldn't see him. I am so glad that I had something else to do. They drove all the way to Nashville, which is a little over an hour drive, for nothing. What a waste of gas!

They did reschedule his appointment though. For today. He's having to miss more work. Workers Comp should have to pay him for his time away from work since they are forcing him to get this MRI. He's already had one. The doctor that has ordered this second one has already stated he didn't see anything wrong with his shoulder. He even released him back to full duty at work. Which has actually hurt his shoulder more. Since he had time off in July and has been just welding at work, it's gotten better. Last week, they put him back to full duty and it's been popping and hurting again. I just want this whole mess to be over with.

Still working on that featured blogger post for Mamapedia. I'm not sure if I will be able to come up with enough words. There is also no guarantee that they will even use the post that I submit, but at least I put effort into it.

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  1. Man, is he having a hard time! Hope he gets better soon.