Crafty Me

I decided to be crafty.

I'm always trying to be crafty, but usually end up frustrated.  Most of the time, I abandon whatever it was that I was trying to be crafty at.

After buying the kids their school supplies this year, I couldn't help but notice just how blah their binders were.  The idea came upon me to craft them a cover that I could slip right down into the sleeve on the front.  We had to get them new shoes so I figured while we were at it we could head over to Hobby Lobby.  I let them pick out their own backgrounds, stickers, and such.  I am more proud of how Kaia's turned out.  Not that I am not equally as proud of Neil's, but let's face it, boys don't want ribbons and fru fru on their binders.


This is really my first attempt at anything resembling scrapbooking.  I really want to make scrapbooks for the kids, but I get so overwhelmed everytime I go to the scrapbook aisle!  I think I did alright though!

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