An Empty Planner

I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately. We haven't been having too much going on. School is back in so the kids are gone most of the day. Chris is at work so he is gone most of the day. I've just been here. By myself. For most of the day.

I have found some motivation though. Don't ask me where it came from because I'm still trying to figure that out. I guess it's being home all by myself. I have to keep busy so the time moves faster. Some days go by so s-l-o-w-l-y....

You know I'm a list maker, right? You know I'm pretty unmotivated too. Not to very long ago I purchased myself a daily planner. Maybe you remember it? Right about this same time last year, I decided that I wasn't happy with my unmotivated self and I was going to change it. I used my love of list making to help me on the quest.

My love for all things domestic is shaky at best. I want to have a spotlessly clean home, but I'd just like for someone else to do it. I hate that it always feels like I am waging war on something much greater than myself. So I made lists in my new daily planner.

Mondays equaled cleaning bathrooms,which we had three of at the time, doing dishes, and watering the plants. Tuesdays were dishes, sweeping/mopping kitchen floor, and washing all bed sheets and covers. Wednesdays... well, you get the point. I rationed myself out. Just a little at a time so that it didn't feel so overwhelming. Eventually I felt like I no longer needed my precious little lists. It wasn't too long after giving up the lists that I feel out of the groove.

Now I've found it again. I bought a new planner. It was too empty. I needed motivation and I found it with an empty daily planner. I get a great feeling of satisfaction crossing out all the things I've gotten done during the day. I'd much rather be drawing a pay check for all my hard work, but alas the elusive part-time job has not come to fruition. When I see the clean countertops and shiny floors, I feel good about my job well done though and one can only hope that everyone's job is as rewarding as mine.


  1. Gawd, I wish I had your motivation. And, that part time job will ruin it, my house has been a wreck ever since I went back to work.

  2. BourbonMama - See the key is to write small things to do every day so it looks (and makes me feel) like I'm doing more than I actually am!

  3. I get so tired of doing the same things every day, but I agree with BourbonMama; I'm afraid everything will get out of control once I go back to work.
    I might try your list idea. Most of the time, I just wander back and forth between what needs to be done. It's easy to get off task that way and become overwhelmed.